Ramifications of State Terrorism

The universal trend to democratize the states, political organizations and social institutions is gaining momentum due to the sustained consecrated intellectual assertive campaign of the highbrows having disposition to futuristic altruism and egalitarian justice. In the present era of Knowledge, information and research initiative to change the feudalistic and monarchical mindset and fixation, that was the characteristic proud shibboleth of medieval civilization, has achieved the position of paramountcy in the synergistic process of reformation. Well, democracy – as a state system guaranteeing intellectual candour, righteousness and altruistic equality and justice – should be the cherished objective of every revolutionary leader who is ambitious of an empirical change in the cathectic obtrusion of a state or civil society. Cathectic obtrusion aimed at aggressive nationalism and anachronistic regressive obscurantism should be regarded as bane and therefore, an anathema creating aversion and allergy.

Democracy, as a state system, which is being eulogized and idolized in East and West by the pseudo-revolutionaries in their outpourings in hustings and seminars, has, in fact, two dichotomic facades systematically being fetishized by the bureaucratic democrats. The democratic rulers command respect in their countries for their professed benevolence and altruistic and populistic ideas. They become popular cynosures because of the congenial and conducive propaganda campaign of their supporters and admirers. However, on the external front these democratic rulers, while doning the mantle of chauvinistic and imperialistic importunate obtrusion, remind us of the sadistic mindset and obsession of the dictators in authoritarian and totalitarian system of dispensation in medieval ages.

The notorious dictators and monarchs used to relish their predatory and depredatory obtrusion and intrusion into the territory of their adversary in neighbourhood. The contemporaneous democracies of East and West are reminiscent of the autocratic sway of the dictators who used to vandalize and devastate the weak and poor countries in neighbourhood. The haughty dictators would take pride in their state terrorism – the sadistic blitzkrieg and scourge entailing massacre loot and plunder, desecration of the symbols of chastity and honour and arson which consumed beautiful hamlets. The depredators would reave the victimized poor countries of everything valuable.

On Oct. 27, 1947, the obscurantists of India, under the spell of chauvinistic and expansionistic urge, invaded the state of Jammu and Kashmir just to subjugate and enslave the Muslims who had already been brutalized by the alien rulers especially the autocratic Dogra rulers of Jammu. Indian army, with the assistance of Dogra army, embarked on the barbarian scourge and carnage thereby slaughtering two and a half lakh Muslims of Jammu province. About four lakh Muslims were forced to migrate to Pakistan. Thus Indian army, through complete ethnic cleansing, orchestrated the repugnant and abominable show of mayhem when Tatars devastated Baghdad (Iraqi capital) in 656 AH.

The relentless and rapacious imperialist rulers of India used State Terrorism as a battering ram to coerce Kashmiris into submission. However, Kashmiris – battered and banished, punished and pulverized, lacerated and lynched, mortified and mangled− did not budge. Kashmiris were decimated and butchered en masse. Each and every Indian soldier is hell-bent on acting as General Dyer to assassinate Kashmiris. Indian armed personnel have been indemnified against accountability by the draconian laws like AFSPA and DAA. Six lakh Kashmiris were put to the sword during the past 67 years. Resilient Kashmiris resisted the onslaught of India with guts and grit. They did not kowtow to jackboots of India and its ravenous armed cannibals.

Kashmiri resistance leaders faced trials and tribulations with exemplary fortitude, stoicism, perseverance and patience. Indian imperialists – because of their fascist impetuosity, chauvinistic arrogance and domineering demeanour – became brash and rash in ordering the execution of Maqbool Butt, the resistance veteran and icon of Kashmir. Mujahid Maqbool Butt was tranquil with monotheistic introversion (Murakaba) when he was gibbeted on Feb. 11, 1984. He kissed the noose and recited Kalima Ta’iba. In a similar way Afzal Guru’s face glittered with monotheistic trance when he marched towards the gallows on Feb. 9, 2013. Both the martyrs are lying buried in the jail compound of Tihar jail Delhi.

Kashmiri young revolutionaries girded up the loins and resolved to rise in revolt against the State Terrorism of India; the infuriated and fulminated freedom zealots determined to requite the hubristic rowdyism of Delhi darbar with uncompromising sentiments of revenge and reprisal. Indian imperialists lost their thirty thousand soldiers in the hurricane of Kashmir insurgency. This is how the hawkish revolutionaries of Kashmir avenged the hanging of resistance icon and protomartyr Maqbool Butt. Thus vandalistic act of the authors of authoritarian assertion came home to roost. Yes, the barbarian act of hanging boomeranged and recoiled to the astonishment of the obdurate warmongers of Delhi. And today Syed Salah-ud-Din, the successor guerrilla doctrinist is thinking about high profile guerrilla assertion to dislodge India from Kashmir.

Col. Roy fell a prey to the bullets of a Hizb boy at Tral in the recent past. Does it mean that senior officers are being used as expendable pawn for the completion of expansionistic agenda of the blinkered and myopic plutocrats and demagogues of Delhi darbar? Don’t you realize that Maoist militant assertion is something which some analysts attribute to the domino effect of Kashmir insurrection? Don’t you understand that most of the Indian expatriates in Gulf countries are being looked upon as moles of the secret agencies of India? Don’t you feel that 30 crore underprivileged and impoverished Indians are grumbling against your bourgeois elite. Your snobs are psychologically ostracizing the multitude of pauperized proletariat. This is the invisible form of class war of India. And Kashmiri ultras resolve to redouble their efforts of brawn-assertion when you test a missile. These are ramifications of your State Terrorism which you are proud of. This is the political critique of ours which should tickle your conscience and mollify your vanity.

Indian imperialists have institutionalized State Terrorism just to further the cause of their hegemonic obtrusion. Your procrastinative and dilatory detour deters and trammels the pacifist efforts of peace activists who are strenuously working for the peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue. Your politics of polemics, recrimination, imprecation and temporization will inevitably prove counterproductive in the long run. Stop tinkering with Kashmir issue. Don’t obfuscate the situation by dabbing at the problem that has created uncertainty in South Asia. So adopt the course of rationalism, pragmatism, futuristic objectivity and reconciliation to pave way for early peaceful resolution of Kashmir tangle and imbroglio. The two nuclear powers with a population of 1.5 billion people can easily afford to dispense with 10 million Kashmiris. Ocean minus a bucket of water is still an ocean. However, by jettisoning this bucket you will ensure desired serenity on the surface of the sea.

Today on Feb. 15, 2015 I find it a privilege to pay tribute to martyr Ghulam Muhammad Bulla, the committed freedom zealot who, in league with People’s League activists, launched a protest campaign against Indira-Abdullah accord of 1974. Bulla, the avowed votary of resistance movement, was arrested on Feb. 15, 197. Indian imperialists, who have been imbruing their hands with the blood of Kashmiris for the last 67 years, should remember that the brew and stew of anti-India feelings here can trigger off insurrection in which even the elderly Kashmiris will find themselves pitted against you in the rugged mountainous terrain of Kashmir. Your repression, tyranny and chauvinistic arrogance will necessarily constrain Kashmiris to break the shackles of servitude through brawn-assertion. Some military strategists of Pakistan are seriously thinking about empowering Azad Kashmir the way western imperialists powers empowered Israel. It will be very difficult for you to retrieve your prestige as Asian democracy.

I make a fervent and passionate appeal to Christian intelligentsia to look for the points of commonality between Islam and Christianity. The impetuous and virulent demagogues of western countries have, because of their neurotic obsession, demonized and diabolized the Islamic puritans and their puritanism. Their anti-Islam aversion and phobia has, inadvertently, groomed the Muslim ultras who, through their resilient resistance, are trying to horrify their adversaries real or imaginary. It is time to neutralize the trend of polarization between two major communities.

The planet earth is already beset by multi-faceted problems of commotion, class war, communalism, sectarianism, xenophobia, religious bigotry and bias, intellectual mediocrity and parochialism. In such a situation generalized intolerance has become the hallmark of global civilization. And that is why I, as a nonconformist, emphasize eclecticism in religious discourse. Emancipated intellectuals believing in futuristic altruism can stem the rot and rectify the wrong if global peace and tranquillity is the cherished objective they are earnestly focusing on.

My compatriots should try to understand that instinctive impulsiveness certainly prompts transient spasmodic outburst and abreaction against a tragic episode of human rights abuse and violation; nevertheless, it is the sustained intellectual and literary campaign of the freedom votaries and resistance ideologues which can impart tincture of indefatigability and viability to the resistance movement. So you should indispensably empathize with the history of your great martyrs and resistance leaders. Your patriotic intellectual assertion will eventually and inevitably force your adversary to adopt a humanistic approach to Kashmir issue. 

Muhammad Azam Inqilabi is Patron JK Mahaz-e-Azadi, Srinagar, Kashmir. Email: mahazmediacell@gmail.com


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