Reaching out to Indian masses

Feeding people with falsehood will only mislead them. Need is to tell them the truth. Heckling Kashmiri leaders is no solution

Vote bank politics has been and is a big impediment for Indian political class to take a just and truthful position on Kashmir. Fearful of their getting outsmarted by one another they have preferred to feed the Indian citizenry on Goeblesian lies. Sadly the corporate media has always been complicit in corrupting the minds and pushing masses in the morass of ignorance. The blend of two has been a cause for a human tragedy called Kashmir.

The day common people of India cease to look Kashmir through the prism of biased media and crass opportunist political class that day will mark redeeming Kashmiris from their sufferings. In fact that will herald cessation of hostilities between the two nuclear armed nations India and Pakistan, ease the tension in the region and soothe the world off the ‘nuclear flash point’ fears.

 Fully aware of the striking power of the truth in decimating untruth, and thereby conscious of losing its grip on the masses, this elite class has so far successfully managed to blindfold Indian masses from the ground realities of Kashmir. In a web of deceit they are entangled which restrains them to breathe a word of their own. From what is beamed out from a host of news channels, news papers and ‘think-tank’ institutions, am junta are lured and exploited to see Kashmir through the eyes of this privileged section. With facts doctored and fudged, it is one side of the picture that gullible masses in India are hypnotized with.

 The rulers in Delhi, its political groups and media, under these circumstances, feel themselves immune from public pressure. Kashmir, as it is showcased appears to Indian people nothing but a ‘paradise on earth’, the beauty of which has been defiled by some ‘anti-national’, ‘anti-social’ and ‘shar pasand’  ‘elements’. The Indian army and para-military forces are there at the rescue of Kashmiri people is the buzz word. Fighting ‘Pakistan sponsored proxy-war’ and ‘clearing the soil off the foreign militants’. With visuals like army taking school children on Bharat Dharshan, helping in building roads and schools and opening up computer centers under Sadbhavna scheme, it is the rosy picture of Kashmir that is presented. This domineering political discourse emboldens the elite class to deal Kashmir the way it desires. Unmindful of the public outcry at home, it might resort to rigged elections, sack ‘elected’ governments, cage as towering a political figure as that of Sheikh Abdullah, and indulge in large scale human rights violations to quell the mass uprising. Free leeway it might have to Dalhozian or Macavalian prescriptions. What if colonial edifices have since long crumbled, the powerful class is putting up a defiant attitude in making the raj not fade from the public memory! And this Rhinocerosian posturing towards the human sensibilities and democratic aspirations has, unfortunately, gone in sync with silence of silent majority in India.

 This is exactly where our pro-movement leadership has to concentrate on. They have to pull them (Indian people) off from cesspool of ignorance that stimulate them in taking a perverted logic in watching humans (Kashmiris) suffer.
 Indian polity derives strength and sustenance from this credulous lot. For a change in policies and attitude in establishment, you have to mould their opinion and wean them away from deceitful web.

 It is heartening that of late our pro resistance leadership has realized the importance of educating people of India on Kashmir. Developing close contacts with some human rights groups and civil liberty unions and other voices of eminence, we are able to reach out to Indians. That this has brought some commotion, to the extent of frustration, in some circles was expected. Votary of violence always take refuge behind violence and bullying. They always try to have their perception command a monopoly. Challenging them on the home turf before their own people and that too in non-violent mode makes them hysteric. For they know the worth of their “transparency”. That forces them to raise curtains on whatever happens in Kashmir. Lovers of darkness are always afraid of the sun pronouncing criminality. That elites have to resort to camouflage reality and murder truth is a proof that they are afraid of facing their own people on Kashmir issue. And that reflects human nature cannot be corrupted. People can be misled by one sided account but once truth dawns on them, they rise up to pull down the structures of falsehood. Arundhati Roy, Gautam Navlakha and host of other intellectuals have risen up from soil of India once the hell let loose in Kashmir made them insomniac. The glossy exterior of Indian democracy cannot for long delude young Indians.

 Interacting with the people of India at the moment when voices of dissent have been muzzled and all peaceful means of protest have been curbed here in Kashmir is a step in right direction. The efforts of Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in this respect are laudable. Unnerved by threatenings and physical attacks by a lunatic fringe, at the behest of the elites, the leaders are articulating the genuine aspiration of the people and apprising Indians of the genesis of Kashmir problem and the prevailing situation.

 In capital Delhi it is third attack in a row within a week’s time on Mirwaiz Umar after he has been hackled in Chandigarh and rotten eggs thrown on him in Kolkata but undeterred he is determined more than ever to carry the battle at door steps of Indians and convince them of the absurdity of rulers in Delhi to rope an unwilling nation to its federation fold. We salute courage of young Mirwaiz who refused to be cowed down when goons were unleashed against him. They could not break his resolve even after being physically assaulted. Soon after two month’s siege was lifted on him, he rushed to plead the case of Kashmir at the platform of some civil rights groups in India.

 Indeed such efforts are appreciable but world will listen you only when what you speak at seminars or hold a brief at press conferences, turbulent soil of Kashmir echoes that too.  That is when the gullible masses at home will refuse to be auctioned at the hands of strong bidder.

 Tail Piece:  ‘Dear is Plato, but dearer is the truth’. Veer noble souls in India around this Aristotalian dictum.

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