Reality beyond reality

As of now, there seems no end to unrest in Kashmir. Killings occur after regular intervals which is an irremediable tragedy and what makes the situation grave is that nobody worries about. There seems a catastrophic change in the mindset of people. Seemingly, they have accepted the killings as a routine phase of their life and have made up their minds to carry on regardless to who gets killed and who survives. Can people afford losing their youth the way it is going on. If this phase of killings also passes by without bearing any fruit, what is the choice left then? Surrender or exodus? The crew of resistance camp has to put their heads together to search for an affordable alternative.

Being optimistic, it can be assumed that at some point of time, India commits itself to surrender its age-old stance on Kashmir issue just to resolve it once for all. Let us hope that Pakistan forgoes the old ideas as well and paves the way for an amicable solution of the issue. It will, by all means, tell upon the stability of the two neighbouring nuke powers if they continue to fiddle with the Kashmir issue. Hurriyat stalwarts too have to summarily modify their demands to reach the centre line. If all the three parties want to lessen the miseries of Kashmiris, they have to shun their egos.

With every passing day, the Kashmir issue seems crossing all the limits of complications. Obviously, there are reasons that make something complicated and vice versa. If a dispute involves only two parties, there is, sooner or later, a fair chance of compromise. More the parties involved, more the issue becomes unresolvable. Should Middle East crises involve only Israel and Palestine, the two parties certainly would have come to terms with each other. Here the interest of the US is the primary concern. Arabs are involved too and other western powers covertly claim their share as well. Kashmir is not different from Palestine although it seems that only India and Pakistan are involved. The US is behind the curtain and China is already a proven party of the dispute.

In such chaotic circumstances, India has to play the major role; big brother’s role for that matter. Yes, India’s role can bear fruit only if Pakistan puts up timely co-operation. If Pakistan believes that Kashmir is their jugular vein without asking Kashmiris what they want, it would be quite unfortunate. Same is the case of India. It had been blindly believing since ages now that Kashmir is their integral part without taking the aspirations of the Kashmiris into consideration. If the two nuke-neighbours, ignoring longstanding rivalry for each other, agree to go for a referendum in J&K, only then the facts would surface.

If referendum throws open the third option of independent J&K, it would be a litmus test for Pakistan. In that case India has nothing to lose because they are already under pressure to shun its claim on J&K. Yes, India will definitely consider it as a big loss if J&K accedes to Pakistan. But what about Pakistan? In case of an independent J&K, is Pakistan ready to surrender the part of J&K administered by it. If yes, will it have any serious impact upon its integrity and sovereignty?

The most important query is whether both the countries are sincere enough to give Kashmiris a chance to live a free peaceful life. The history of the past six decades challenges all such notions. Factually, there is a sort of cold war between the two neighbours. The reasons for that are debateable. But the fact is that Kashmiris are bearing the brunt for the reason that the Kashmir dispute provides the two countries all the stuff to downplay each other. Nonetheless, Kashmiris have reached the point of realisation. Comparing the present circumstances with those of the past-decades, including rise of militancy in 90s, there are certain messages for both the countries. Pakistan has considerably lost its fan strength in Kashmir. Similarly, with every passing bloody day, Kashmiris are getting more and more alienated from India.

Kashmiris will, in any case, invest every bit of their courage and stamina to attain their right. However, the decisive share is to be invested by India and Pakistan. How and when will they realise the fact and act rationally, only time can tell. ……