Referendum in Sudan: Case of Double Standards


Southern Sudan is at the brink of secession from one of the largest sovereign nations of Africa; while Jammu and Kashmir, a sovereign until invaded and annexed by India in 1947, is being denied the right of referendum. Ironically it is directly or indirectly the United Nations which is being used by vested interests to accomplish both nefarious goals.

What is common among the two situations should be very obvious to all fair-minded people. One is a majority Animist region of Southern Sudan (being increasingly evangelized by Western Christian missionaries), incited to secede from the predominantly Muslim Sudan. The other is a predominantly Muslim Kashmir, illegally occupied by predominantly Hindu India. Combine the two scenarios and you get the picture. Nothing else needs to be said to explain the actions of the UN and its puppeteers. It is sad, but true. It is sinister and sadistic, particularly when it is done by the very institution that is supposed to be promoting peace and stability by being fair and just in the world affairs.

What kind of institution after all is the UN when it acts so blatantly and in a short sighted manner! What kind of leaders are currently ruling the Western nations, leaders who are motivated by blind passion for domination of the Muslim countries, no matter what the human cost! Where is the moral outrage of the civilized world? Where is statesmanship of moral leaders like President Jimmy Carter who is mute over Kashmiri mass graves? Why is Mr. Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the UN complicit in these outrageous inequities? Why is he gloating over Sudan being dismembered under his puppeteer role as the chief executive of the UN? Why has he failed to play a much more positive role in Kashmir which has a clear case for referendum and freedom?  Obviously we know the reasons behind this duplicity, but the questions must still be posed, if only for posterity and for speaking the truth for just truth’s sake. The questions must be asked, if only for justice’s sake, just to show our displeasure and disdain for inequity and treachery of an august institution that was ostensibly created to dispense justice to all the people of the world, including Muslims; yes, even Muslims. That should have been the case even if there were not 1.5 billion Muslims, nearly one fifth of the entire population in the world.

One-fifth, if not more, of the world population is watching the performance of the powerful nations and the UN with disregard, disdain and contempt for its failure to protect the lives, honor and property of the disenfranchised Muslim people in every continent. We have started seeing the glimpses of this sense in the last few decades in Kashmir and Palestine. Now we are seeing it unfold in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen. We can be certain that other Muslim nations will follow sooner or later. Muslim nations will be free like all other nations. It is, but natural. It is but inevitable. The wave of freedom and democracy will sweep all across the globe where mainly the Muslim populations have been denied their political and civil rights either by non-Muslim occupiers or Muslim dictators.

World powers cannot stop the yearning and the UN cannot ignore the reality of the gusting winds of change. Four-fifths of the world population cannot realize true and lasting peace until one-fifth of the oppressed and dispossessed Muslims get their share of it. Loot and plunder by the greedy from within and without must stop in the Muslim nations as it has in the non-Muslim nations.

India must be forced to hold referendum for the 13 million people of Jammu and Kashmir, just like Indonesia allowed the tiny Christian population of 800,000 in East Timor or the Animists and Christians of Southern Sudan.  Coupled with recognition of the right of democratic revolutions in the Middle East, the world must recognize the inalienable right of Kashmir to self-determination.