Reign of Righteousness

Whither Christian puritanism and catholicity which entails and necessitates altruistic and universal benevolence and philanthropy, the proud attribute that can be assuredly helpful in earnest endeavour to mitigate and alleviate the sufferings of dispossessed, underprivileged, pauperized and enslaved people of Third World countries? The pretentious democratic monks of western civil society are ostentatiously trumpeting the pontifical infallibility of the democracies of the Occident. Nonetheless the superficiality of the boastful espousal of the professed values of altruistic democracy cannot falsify the stark irrefragable reality that canonical attributes of probity, sobriety, sagacity and righteousness have become a causality in the arena of global politics. Flamboyant democratic demagogues of western countries are invariably and meticulously pursuing their materialistic objectives even if they feel impulsively constrained to have a recourse to predatory political obtrusion and intervention in underdeveloped countries of East and West.
Materialistic approach of the western democratic bourgeoisie, particularly the plutocratic snobs, has overshadowed and eclipsed the importance of empirical altruism and egalitarian justice in underdeveloped countries. Thus economically fleeced, politically ostracized and socially ghettoized self-respecting, deplorably impoverished, people feel disillusioned and disenchanted with these western snobs who, with domineering and swaggering demeanour, remain engaged in sermonizing and wooing these hapless people for their national aggrandizement and preponderance.

Hallucinatory megalomania, grandeur and grandiose political overlordship of these western democratic demagogues has added to their callousness in such a way that they remorselessly adopt a sadistic approach to global political issues, notwithstanding their intellectual acuity, effulgence and radiance.

Yes, their policy of political adventurism, unilateralism and interventionism proved instrumental in creating political cataclysm, upheaval, commotion, pandemonium and pell-mell in Asian and African countries. And they relish the gruesome tragic episodes of internecine fratricidal wars in these countries. Their sadism saddens the global humanists and pacifists. Who will retrieve and redeem the global civilization from the syndromic anarchy, violence, intolerance, paranoiac polarization and destructive balkanization? We are optimistically looking for a saviour whose Messianism will salve the wounds and mitigate the agony of traumatized nations.

The overhanging sword of Indian stratocracy in Kashmir is a source of chaotic consternation, horror and holocaust here. Reverberations of the grisly and ghastly panoramic view of heartrending and blood-curdling events of carnage, massacre, mayhem, torture, sacrilege of the holy places of worship, outrageous offensive against women and arson and pillage perpetually create turbulence in the agonized souls here. The haughty and hubristic imperialists of India have institutionalized their state terrorism as a battering ram to bludgeon and coerce Kashmiris into submission and servility. The indelible imprint of the metaphysical scars caused by frightening shivers of shock and trauma render us listless transiently indeed. Soon our resilience facilitates our involuntary transition from debilitating and ossifying trauma to monotheistic trance; Sufi disposition and proclivity of ours helps us create communion with Almighty Allah; and we reaffirm our commitment and resolve to sustain the resistance movement at all costs. This is the dynamics of our resilient resistance. And this is what the imperialist hawks of India fail to fathom.

Indian imperialists, since the advent of their obnoxious and reprehensible political intervention and military intrusion into Kashmir, remained hectically engaged in the fascist activities to enslave and subjugate Kashmiris through all the repressive and authoritarian modes of governance. Indian army, after arriving in Srinagar on Oct. 27-1947, roped in the infidels of Dogra army and embarked on devastating scourge− eliminating Muslims of Jammu through systematic ethnic cleansing; exiling and banishing them en masse. Two and a half lakh Muslims got martyred and over four lakh Muslims migrated to Pakistan. Maqbool Butt, the political genius and iconic adept guerrilla strategist gave a clarion call for armed resistance when he repatriated from Pakistan in May 1976 to organize the young revolutionaries of Kashmir valley for a sustained armed resistance against Indian onslaught.

Maqbool Butt after spending eight long years in solitary confinement in Tihar jail Delhi, became a martyr on Feb. 11-1984 when he was haltered and hanged in the same jail for no fault of the uncompromising freedom zealot except that he reminded the Delhi rulers of the solemn pledge and promise of Pt. Nehru (the Indian Premier) to facilitate a referendum and plebiscite in Kashmir to determine its political future. Indian imperialists reneged on their pledge and vachan; and this perfidy is abysmally in contravention of the teachings of Bhagwat Geeta, Qur’an, Bible and Granth Saheb.

All the resolute freedom zealots of Kashmir take pride in identifying themselves with chivalrous Arjun, the Pandow supremo, who, while feeling inspired by the edifying sermons of Krishanji, decided to take on Daryudhan, the Korow warlord who had usurped and encroached on all that belonged to Pandow dynasty. So Kashmiris will not relinquish, abdicate, abnegate or waive their right to self-determination come what may. They will not cower and cringe; they will not descent and kowtow to the domineering and overbearing demeanour of Delhi liege lords whose hackneyed chauvinistic and imperialistic verbiage has no bearing and imprint on the sane and sagacious political luminaries of East and West.

Your imperialistic arrogance makes us recollect how you mercilessly butchered and slaughtered Kashmiris in the horrendous mayhem and massacre at Gawkadal on Jan. 21-1990; at Hawal on May 21-1990; at Handwara on Jan. 25-1990; at Sopore on Jan. 6-1993; at Kupwara on Jan. 27-1994; at Chattisinghpora on March 20-2000 when 36 Sikhs were ruthlessly assassinated by barbarian Indian soldiers (including some senior army officers). On March 25-2000 seven innocent Kashmiris were shot down by frenzied soldiers at Pathribal when freedom votaries were protesting against the custodial killing of 5 civilians. Every Indian soldier has been exempted from and indemnified against accountability by the draconian laws like AFSPA and DAA. Kashmiris will continue to follow in the footsteps of six-lakh martyrs who laid down their precious lives for inalienable right to self-determination.

Vulnerability of and unpredictability in South Asia is something that haunts the mind of every analyst and pacifist humanist. Craving for durable peace will be romantic and platonic dream unless there is a perceptible, palpable and tangible change in the fascist mindset and imperialistic obtrusive assertion of Indian rulers. Situation in South Asia will continue to be ineluctable, inextricable and cul-de-sac unless Indian and Pakistani rulers resolve to assert as pacifist leaders; their panacean statesmanship will certainly facilitate a breakthrough in the present overtaxing stalemate, deadlock and log-jam. Politics of polemics, prevarication, shenanigans, procrastination, recrimination and temporization should be consigned to archives. Indian rulers should not psychologically bank on the fleeting and evanescent moments of compulsive diversion provided by Pakistani operation “Zarb-e-Azab”. Divest yourselves of sadistic fixation. Prudentialism or doctrine of futuristic altruism suggests that you should extricate yourselves from the vortex of obscurantism, regressive and aggressive nationalism and ostensibly alluring policy of one-upmanship.

Emancipated Muslim and Christian scholars, through objective and nonconformist discourse, create an atmosphere of cordiality and mutual trust and understanding to evade the obfuscatory and paranoiac ambience of mistrust and compulsive hostility. Faith of a Muslim is incomplete unless he holds all the prophets in esteem; so Jesus Christ is as dear to him as Muhammad, Musa and Ibrahim. We pay obeisance to all of them without discrimination. Ideological rapprochement and reconciliation is a must to guarantee global peace. Let the reign of terror and horror be replaced by universalized reign of righteousness, humanistic catholicity and political acumen. This is the real issue we all should ponder and meditate on. Human civilization is looking for your exuberant and ebullient humanistic compassion, magnanimity, generosity and altruism.

If Kashmir freedom struggle becomes a protracted and long-drawn war of attrition because of the obduracy, intransigence and recalcitrance of Indian rulers, then every Kashmiri freedom zealot irrespective of his political ideas should, as a part of compulsive strategic manoeuvre for the interim period of stalemate, adopt the course of complete metaphysical solidarity with Pakistan; and Pakistani flag should necessarily flutter atop the coffin of every freedom activist when he says adieu to this mortal world. It will be a sort of low-profile and non-violent mode of subjective patriotic assertion. It will prove instrumental in universalizing the doctrine of objectivism in South Asian politics. It will be ideally in sync with the martial motto of resilient resistance of the heroic people of Kashmir. 

Muhammad Azam Inqilabi is patron of JK Mahaz-e-Azadi, Srinagar, Kashmir.