Remembering Sopore Massacre

Sopore massacre marks one of the horrific tragedies, that dates back to the same day – 6, 1 – 1993. The `large-scale destruction’ leaves many dead; hundreds of shops were smashed to grounds; many houses were ascended to ashes. Hardly a few, with God’s grace, were left to moan & mourn on the corpses! Sigh!

Many of you could be oblivious of the massacre, and wondering at the conscience of the felons. Let me put a light into the same.

It was on Wednesday morning — before dawn could fall & bring merriment to many — that some `armed gunmen’ gunned down one of the Indian `Border Security Forces’ along the gully of `Shalla Pora’ near Main Chowk, who by snatching some weaponry went disappeared. Agreed.

But, What happened after would surely send shudders down to the spine of all those whose conscience has been torn to the core. The then military personnel without any respite recourse to indiscriminate firing on the civilians. Many were dead on the spot. Rest were left at the mercy of death. Organic pieces were lying along the road…

There are the plethora of accounts, eyewitnesses who have managed to escape death; and, endure the pain of seeing others in the affliction-

“It still haunts me! When passengers were ruthlessly taken out by these military barbarians from `SRTC BUS’, even a driver was not spared, and rounds of bullets were showered on them. Human fleshes I have seen on the roads. “Jallado, Jallado (Burn, Burn) would utter some of them, and they sprayed an arsenal onto the roofs of shops, houses, buildings – conflagrated them to mere ashes. Decimations were across the town. And, later when we opened the shutters, charred bodies of people were lying.” Say, eyewitnesses.

“They bought their vultures hands over a child of a `Pregnant lady’, and threw him to the fire which was flaring up with each passing minute.” Say others.


Such horrendous acts of humanity are believed to be the most horrific in the entire history of Jammu and Kashmir.

Answer These:

Anyways, psychologically the perpetrators of the massacre had itself spilled the beans at that time, we have sheer affection for you – as they say now, in what should have been given a try to find out the militants instead. Doesn’t it make sense? And, what they say the then authorities had suspended the Jawans. Only suspended!? Was our blood worth only of that? And, Justice of bringing them to books is yet to come…!!!

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Pakistan reiterates call for commission of Inquiry into atrocities” in Kashmir
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