Renewal of Resistance: 23 years past: Kashmir needs introspection

“Everybody knows about the mood and reward of Masterji- America that came up with its verdict on, chaman ka ek deedawer, a pleader- Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, President Kashmir American Council, in 2012 with two year imprisonment- the first "indicator of international support" to Kashmiris”.

Well, after a tenure of complete 23 years now as the things with regard to Kashmir’s freedom struggle, seem to appear distinct in 2012. All stake holders of the dispute can’t escape from the introspection session, what this year badly asks for. 23 years is a vitally significant time, one fourth of a century less by only two years. The timer calls for introspection of serious nature in all aspects. For all these 23 years there have been repeating occurrences of ups and downs and nobody could analyze the things clearly to reach any critical conclusion. The resistance movement entered into a new vista in year 2008 wherein the movement relapsed into peoples tsunami that earlier had erupted in nineties. But now, since 2008. It was purely a public movement that though had erupted from a peripheral issue of Amarnath Land Row.

The public movement not withstanding a setback, again started in 2009 with the occurrence of the double rap and murder of Asiya Jan and Neelofar Jan in Shopian tragedy, then in 2010 with the innocent killing of Tufail Ahmad Matoo, this public movement erupted again but now with a’ now or never’ slogan, that people made the intention to achieve the goal of Azadi, or atleast some goal reaching breakthrough, in a span of only 4 months almost 124 youth most of them teenagers got consumed but…….the stone was not removed from the bowl or it must be said that the stone (Kashmir issue) was not recognized even. Every sufferer or say Kashmiri wanted those public movements get realized into the revolution but despite sufficient trials it did not happen. No single person, section of community or frontline resistance leader should be blamed alone for the happenings-yes the consequential disappointment that is being ‘enjoyed’ now by one and all. Though people may close their eyes or plug their ears to unsee or unhear the things but the ground is there to depict the reality. Neither anyone can escape from the bad performance of collective motive which is own by one and all, irrespective of an individuals innocence or his good performance individually.

With 2011 passed as a transition year, now in 2012 the elusive shades have faded away. Elusive shades that shaded the things resulting the whole situation into a vague one wherein due to the continuous shades visibility was not clear. Visibility of things gained, things lost and finally the profitability. But now it needs no more explanations for why the year 2012 could be discussed for such conclusions even at an earlier stage when even its first quarter too has not ended. This is basically the point where from the introspection must begin that we have been able to foresee the things very clearly and we can debate the things for introspection. Kashmir has been a long pending issue for settlement for last 64 years now, there have been, as history reveals, many movements of varied natures for the ‘settlement of this issue according to the wishes of its people and the historical facts thereof’. After the life span of every specific kind of the resistance movement or the struggle a serious introspection is of vital importance and can not be ignored in any way.

Whether year 2012 is the year of introspection for the latest specific period of resistance aged not less than 23 years must be seen with keen observation and analysis. The public mass movement achieved its climax in the year 2010 supported by its secondaries like scarcity (of food and eatables and even the medicine) causing hartals, sit-ins, classified strikes, token strikes. Whether it worked up to desired extent or not, is a separate debate, but the undeniable reality is that these strategies touched the climax point and can’t go beyond that now even if repeated with more intensity, instead, there are chances of scaling down if the control is not maintained for keeping the scale to its already reached position. The introspection is to be done for the unreached goal or the way towards the goal that what after all was lacking ever there and if that can be researched anyhow. Rhetoric won’t suffice at this stage when repetition of strategies is encountered by exhaustion of the pleaders and their people itself. Neither any new strategies nor methodologies can be tested unless the introspection in already tested strategies is not done with sincerity and its outcome utilized for future. Now the question whether really the stone in the bowl has not moved out a little or even has not been recognized too yet (philosophically pointing towards the solution of Kashmir Issue) can be ascertained by utilization of many indicators.

On the much hyped highlighting of Kashmir issue internationally, there can be no denial as per the mere highlighting in media is concerned but over the ground whether after 23 years the public level awareness internationally, is again a thing of debate. Even though if it is presumed that awareness and highlighting was sufficiently achieved but what about its results? Had its impact been well according to expectations, what about UNO, any development and everybody knows about the mood and reward of Masterji- America that came up with its verdict on, chaman ka ek deedawer, a pleader- Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, President Kashmir American Council, in 2012 with two year imprisonment- the first indicator of international support to Kashmiris. The credit of second indicator if not given to Pakistan will be unjust, yes Pakistan’s decade aged changed policy and now Zardari being the Crown-man is the second indicator that how things go with Kashmir. But one thing is guaranteed now that Kashmir dispute is now an established business deal for political business shareholders (countries and nations) of international repute and its every ‘commodity’ sells like anything, anywhere. And back home how is the scenario, the circumstantial currents seem to run in such a way that nobody even is in a position to collect the ruins now. Ever hyped but never attempted indigenous concepts and managements of resistance and surveillance have lost even the mourners now.

But as the saying goes that it is never late to mend. If nothing has moved towards goal but one element has- Time, yes time, the basic element has moved ahead but of its own. There are many parties to Kashmir dispute who need to introspect with regard to achievements but among them the sufferer and at the receiving end is the Kashmiri himself who has to introspect on his own because it is he who is entrapped in the shell and needs freedom, if he is not able or efficient to introspect his so for endeavors then his thinking that others will come to set him free is the sufficient reason for he being deserving to remain entrapped.

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