Resigned from IAS to protest unabated killings in Kashmir, growing intolerance across India: Shah Faesal

Srinagar: Shah Faesal on Wednesday said that he resigned from Indian Administrative service to protest against unabated killings in Kashmir and lack of sincere reach out from the centre.

The IAS topper took to his Facebook and wrote a detailed post on why he had decided to quit ,“To protest against the unabated killings in Kashmir, and lack of any sincere reach-out from the Union Government,” he said.

Faesal further said that the marginalization and invisiblization of around 200 million Indian Muslims at the hands of ‘Hindutva’ forces reducing them to second-class citizens had also played a role in his decision to quit the services.

“Insidious attacks on the special identity of the J&K State and growing culture of intolerance and hate in the mainland India in the name of hyper nationalism, I have decided to resign from Indian Administrative Service. ” he wrote

Faesal who is likely to join National conference and contest Lok Sabha elections from Baramulla said that NIA had the potential to decimate constitutional edifice of the country.“I wish to remind the regime of the day that subversion of public institutions like RBI, CBI and NIA has the potential to decimate the Constitutional edifice of this Country and it needs to be stopped.” Faesal wrote on social media site Facebook.

Adding that that voices of reason in the country cannot be muzzled for long and the environment of siege will need to end if we wish to usher in true democracy.

He further thanked his family, friends and well-wishers for supporting him in what he termed an amazing journey in IAS, “One of my important tasks here-after will be train and guide aspiring civil servants to help them in achieving this dream.” He stated.

He further said that he will address a press conference on Friday to share his future plans.

Shah Faesal is an Indian civil servant from the State of Jammu and Kashmir. In 2009, he became the first Kashmiri to top the Indian Civil Services Examination and the first candidate from Kashmir in several years to be selected to the Indian Administrative Service through open merit. (CNS)

Shah Faesal’s resignation baffles some and amused others

Srinagar: The resignation of IAS topper Shah Faesal baffled some and amused others. People from different shades of society reacted over his resignation. Here are some of the reactions that came from the people on social media.

Omar Abdullah welcomed his entry into politics saying that: “The bureaucracy’s loss is politics’ gain. Welcome to the fold Shah Faesal. Actually I welcomed him to the fold of politicians. His future political plans are his to announce.”

Mehbooba Mukhdhoomi who along with Shah Faesal co-authored an article on Kashmir tweeted: “My prayers have not been answered, as I conveyed in my last two posts. I tried my best to stop him from going into this gutter. But then it’s his life. And I vehemently call his decision ‘preposterous’ and advise everybody else to refrain from joining the collaborators. All the flak that I got would’ve been worthwhile if I were to succeed. Pro-India politics is anti-Kashmir politics, with no ‘ifs’ & ‘buts’. You’ve hurt us all. And if you too are disgusted, don’t go out to vote.”

Basant Rath, the popular cop wished best of luck to him. “All the best, Doctor. Do incredibly good things for our people. In case you need anything, you know I’m just a text away.”

National Conference leader Tanvir Sadiq while wishing best to Shah Faesal for all his future endeavours said that they all hope and pray that his thoughts and experiences will help guide this trouble torn state towards peace and prosperity. (CNS)

Shah Faesal’s resignation loss to bureaucracy, gain for politics: Omar Abdullah

Srinagar: National Conference vice-president Omar Abdullah on Wednesday welcomed the resignation of IAS topper Shah Faesal by calling it as a “loss to bureaucracy and gain to politics”

“The bureaucracy’s loss is politics’ gain. Welcome to the fold @shahfaesal,” Omar wrote on Twitter as reports of Faesal’s resigned started doing the rounds.

“Actually I welcomed him to the fold of politicians. His future political plans are his to announce,” Omar said in another tweet, while responding to reports that Faesal was likely to join National Conference.

Earlier, Faesal said that he had resigned from the service to protest “unabated killings in Kashmir and the lack of any sincere reach-out from the Union Government”.