Resilient Resistance

Let us delve into history to anatomize the realities and identify the lapses and reverses of Indian democracy. 
Indian National Congress, because of its imperceptible urge for cathectic communal paranoia and xenophobia, deliberately adopted the course of parochiality and exclusionist arrogance in its politics just to achieve the objective of organizational aggrandizement and preponderance. M. A. Jinnah, the committed protagonist of Indian independence movement, felt wary of Congress politics. He was impulsively constrained to have a reappraisal of his strategy was a revolutionary freedom ideologue. So he got engrossed and lost in intuitive disputation; and eventually his 15-year-old tryst and bonhomie with Congress leaders came to natural logical end in 1920 and with that he got wedded to the cause of Muslim League as a determined resistance leader. The Muslim League supremo resisted the communal onslaught of Indian National Congress on the one hand and imperialistic obtrusive assertion of the British colonialists on the other.

On March 23, 1940 M. A. Jinnah, as resistance veteran and avowed ideologue of Muslim League, asserted with emphasis, in a mammoth gathering of League devotees and adherents at Lahore, that emergence of a separate Muslim state Pakistan had become indispensably paramount to safeguard the rights and monotheistic moorings of the Muslims of South Asia. Thus the dream of sovereign Pakistan got transcendentally transmogrified into a reality on Aug. 14, 1947. Jinnah Saheb, while dexterously and adroitly wielding his plenipotentiary authority as League supremo, succeeded in achieving what, for adversaries and denigrators, was a romantic fantasy. The irredentists of India, with an obscurantist and regressive mindset, did not reconcile to the reality of Pakistan. So they remained engaged in a clandestine and surreptitious anti-Pakistan campaign; they hatched conspiracies to weaken Pakistan and whittle away its potence and vitality as an assertive ideological Muslim country.

All the wars which Pakistan fought against India, directly on conventional front and indirectly on unconventional front, were, in essence, the resistance wars aimed at checkmating the imperialistic and expansionistic obtrusion of India in Asia. Pakistan, by developing a credible system of unconventional deterrence (nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles), did succeed in foiling and frustrating the hegemonic and imperialistic designs of India. Parity in power and potential between Pakistan and India essentially symbolizes and typifies the situation of compulsive coexistence which necessitates and entails d?tente, rapprochement and reconciliation. 

Patriotic fervour and resolve of the conscientious freedom zealots of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan galvanized them into a decisive revolt and rebellion against the autocratic ruler Maharaja Hari Singh who, due to his latent disposition to Congress chauvinism, wanted to facilitate annexation of the whole state of Jammu and Kashmir with India. Kashmiri Mujahedeen did succeed in pre-empting and jeopardizing his nefarious designs. It is really deplorable that treacherous and traitorous tergiversation and perfidy of Sheikh Abdullah obstructed and trammeled the march of Azad Kashmir Mujahedeen who, through resilient armed resistance, wanted to dislodge India from Kashmir. It was the invincibility and indomitability of the guerrilla resistance campaign of Kashmiri Mujahedeen which made the Indian Premier Pt. Nehru feel jittered and jolted. He, therefore, visited Srinagar and hurriedly addressed a huge gathering of Kashmiris on Nov. 11, 1947 at Lalchowk and, while dilating on Kashmir issue in lucid political parlance, declared: “We have no intention to grab the territory of Kashmir. India, as a great democratic country, guarantees that Kashmiris will be free to determine the political future of Kashmir.” Nervous and embarrassed rulers of Delhi darbar knocked at the door of UNO where a debate ensued on Kashmir issue.

UNCIP resolutions of Aug. 13, 1948 and Jan. 5, 1949, which recognize Kashmiris’ inalienable right to self-determination, impress upon India and Pakistan to facilitate a free and fair referendum and plebiscite in Kashmir to determine the political future of Kashmir. Machiavellianism of egocentric myopes of India enticed them to relapse into improbity and treachery; they felt nostalgic about Chanakiyan philosophy of “deceit and dissemblance”. Thus they blatantly and flagrantly flaunted their imperialistic and fascistic demeanour when they backtracked and reneged on their commitment regarding a referendum and plebiscite in Kashmir. Their betrayal marked the beginning of political cataclysm, upheaval and uprising in Kashmir. In fact, the unscrupulous political apostates of India tantalized Kashmiris; and forced them to adopt the course of resilient resistance against their imperialistic onslaught. Holy Qur’an allows us to have a recourse to all the heroic modes of resistance to dislodge you from Kashmir.

It is the hubristic, domineering and overbearing demeanour of Delhi chauvinists and imperialists which is the real source of trouble. You unleashed your armed personnel in Kashmir and authorized them to orchestrate and stereotype the barbarian role of Halaku, Changez and Gen. Dyer. You excruciated, tormented and mortified Kashmiris through military blitz and scourge. The tragic episodes of massacre, mayhem, carnage, desecration of the symbols of piety and chastity, arson and pillage bespeak and testify your designs as ruthless rulers with fascist mindset. Your obscurantism, propensity for expansionistic obtrusion and dictatorial intractability does not allow you to relent and adopt a humanistic approach to Kashmir issue. Your expansionistic urge to assert as an aggressive power has already bared fangs in East Pakistan. Freedom zealots of Afghanistan will not forget how you, in collusion with NATO forces, used Afghanistan as a launching pad against Muslim Ummah. Yes, it was the resilient resistance of chivalrous Afghan Mujahedeen which dislodged you and your western mentors from Afghanistan. And Pakistanis are still grumbling against you for your obscure activism there.

All these lapses and blunders have denuded and deprived you of your position as an altruistic Asian democracy. Role of your armed personnel who stalk and strike in Kashmiri hamlets with impunity stigmatizes your position as a democracy seeking a role in the arena of global politics. Your repressive governance in Kashmir has impaired, tarnished and blemished your image; so your totalitarianism is an anathema to Muslim Ummah. Lament your opprobrium and stigmatized status as proponents of arrogance and obstreperousness.

Kashmir issue, because of the contrariety and dilatory detour of Indian imperialists, appears a riddle, conundrum and jigsaw puzzle. It is the intransigence, obduracy and stubbornness of Delhi rulers which has confounded the Kashmir issue. Kashmiri freedom zealots confute, refute and repudiate the imperialistic Kashmir-narrative of Delhi liege lords. Kashmiri freedom votaries have determined to sustain the freedom struggle with invincible courage and unwavering resolve. Their monotheistic commitment and resistance resolve will remain juxtaposed to their initiative on various fronts of resistance. Their resistance resolve serves the purpose of a shock-absorber which guarantees the safety of driver and his automobile.

A courageous and adept mountaineer – despite inclement weather, thunder, torrential rain and rugged inhospitable terrain – remains steadfast in his overtaxing and arduous peregrination and perambulation. Thus his resolve to resist the daunting hazards of mountaineering ensures his success. So it is the resistance resolve which keeps your moorings as freedom zealots intact; and you feel anchored and fortified in the hurricane of turbulence. “Resilient Resistance” is, therefore, your martial motto which is compatible with the doctrine of existentialism.

It is true that every Kashmiri freedom zealot is a self-motivated autodidact who displays his dexterity and adroitness in moments of exacting situation. He does not cower, cringe, funk of flit when Indian forces go berserk and run amok; he does not flinch and skedaddle when Indian armed personnel vandalize villages and towns and brutalize innocent people. However, malady of internal paranoiac polarization of groups and forums of resistance is something unwholesome. Unless and until resistance leaders present vividly clear blueprint regarding a pragmatic and realistic settlement of Kashmir issue the right to self-determination slogan will appear a cryptic riddle eclipsing clarity of visionary stand and stance. So you have to be articulate in expression. Our collective conscience demands our collective subjective assertion as a distinct ethnic community wedded to Sufism. Freedom ideologues of Srinagar and Muzaffarabad should develop concord and congruency of ideas in a concourse. This is what the flummoxed situation demands of you.

All the pacifists and humanists felt shocked and traumatized when every Tom, Dick and Harry of Indian parliament raised hue and cry and protested against the release of Masarat Aalam, the resistance stalwart who, like his contemporary resistance leaders, takes pride in identifying himself with the six lakh martyrs of Kashmir. It is, in fact, the resilient resistance of Masarat Aalam that rattled the jinxed jingoists of New Delhi. The uproar of Delhi darbar has added to the stature of Masarat Aalam as uncompromising freedom ideologue.

OIC luminaries should extricate themselves from the debilitating vortex of inferiority complex; their prudentialism should persuade them to assert with monotheistic subjectivity so that they play a pivotal role in replacing the present global order of disorder by altruistic pacifist campaign thereby ensuring global peace and tranquility; they should convert OIC into an ideological forum seeking lasting remedy of the ailments of scission and sectarianism; they should facilitate interaction between Muslims and Christian scholars. Muslim rulers should necessarily study Holy Qur’an; Allama Iqbal’s poetry, which focuses on the philosophy of Khudi, will come to your rescue in moments of crisis.

Mr. Barack Obama, the US President commands respect in his country as an articulate strategist worried about the well-being of his compatriots. God Almighty will certainly elevate and exalt him to the enviable position of prominence if he resolves to assert as a philanthropic altruist seeking peaceful settlement of global political issues (viz. Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, Iraq etc.) Subjectivity in global politics is a bane whereas pacifist objectivity is a benedictory boon and benefaction. It is time to replace compulsive and impulsive sadism by universal compassion and palliative humanism.

Muhammad Azam Inqilabi is Patron of JK Mahaz-e-Azadi
Srinagar, Kashmir. 



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