Resolution of Kashmir is Imperative

Resolution of Kashmir is Imperative:Maulana  Fazal ur Rehman

 Sardar Zuufqar Khan, the participants of the conference, the honourable representatives, the organizers who arranged  this vital moot in the Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. I am pleased that they provided me an opportunity to deliberate with reference to vital current subject of Kashmir.


The discussion through which I have gone to day, I have got a gist to analyze so many conclusions. Before I begin my speech, I appreciate the struggle of Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, the circumstances through which he is  passing nowadays and probably because of that he couldn’t  join  us in today’s conference.  I am expressing exclusive solidarity with him.


As far as the dispute of Kashmir is concerned, the political position of Pakistan is clear about it. It is entirely clear that Pakistan supports inalienable right to self-determination of Kashmir people. This is the constitutional position of Pakistan, whether it is establishment or government or people of Pakistan, we  are all  at same page. Two aspects are very significant. The Kashmir’s  right to  self-determination, second, elections are not an alternative  to self-determination. We don’t have any iota of distrust about both. We have unifying position regarding both  aspects.


Whenever we talk about Kashmir, it is discussed in the backdrop of 1949 UN and Security Council resolutions. In this context, 67 years have been passed pertaining the Kashmir dispute. it is not only India, which changes its stance with passage of time at various occasions, and our stance is stable. We need to accept this reality that the change in stance is not unilateral  but  is bilateral. It is why that entire region is unstable. We shall confess that post 9/11 had distorted entire  local and global scenario hence there were  repercussions  on Kashmir issue also. The war on terrorism emerged as  prime issue at global level, therefore  the other disputes become secondary. Whether  it was a dispute of Kashmir, Palestine or Chechnya. These  entire nations were fighting for their liberty, freedom or right to self determination when the organizations of United Nations was supporting them but these genuine freedom struggle were brought under the tag of terrorism.  They were dubbed terrorists. The will power of the people had been diluted who were struggling for their basic rights and were forced to compromise their principle positions.


I salute the commitment of Kashmiri people who stood up in every circumstances and kept their movement alive with consistency. They never compromised their position.


It is strange that for the last 67 years the families of the people of Kashmir are divided by the Ceasefire line. They can gaze at each other, they do see the funerals of their relatives but they are not allowed to intermingle. This human tragedy is the gross Human rights violation of the Globe.


As for as Kashmir dispute is concerned, we talk bilaterally but it shall be ensured that United Nations resolutions shall be taken in consideration. From 1972 till today the bilateralism did not resolve the conflict. The outside intervention is imperative for implementation of resolutions. We are passing through an era where there is hegemony of USA. The monogram of KAC indicates the dominance of USA and we are getting the same impression. We are celebrating 5th February as an solidarity day with Kashmir. We want to make it clear that  elections are not alternative to the UN mandated referendum. I don’t see the transparency and authenticity of elections in entire south Asian region. The people who are at hem of affairs  are being caught in electoral quandary.


The defense of Pakistan is in discussion. The politics of Pakistan Is under pressure. Under such circumstance when Pakistan is under strain it is not possible to be at par with expectations of Kashmiri people, even if Pakistan wants to do so, it can’t. Some facts need to be taken in consideration. We have principle stand –we don’t have iota of distrust as far as our stance on Kashmir is concerned.


Now what to do? What is our Policy? What is our strategy?


The policy and strategy on Kashmir is lacking. Just to stick on one stand and do nothing is not enough. It is like, we are believers of Almighty Allah but don’t have  deeds in our kitty. The Holly Quran never talks of belief in isolation of deeds. Therefore if we don’t do good deeds, we cannot talk about the Islam.  To have principal stand is good but we need have a strategy for practical implication with a definite policy and strategy. If we are lacking in practical implication, we can’t become the advocates of the Kashmir dispute.


Whenever there was a dialogue, the trade is discussed. It is principally agreed that trade is vital for progress in the region but Kashmir dispute remains the main concern between our two governments. So I am repeatedly talking about the conflict to be integral to any dialogue.


The colleagues who have been accompanying me during various dialogue processes do know my point of view. Whenever Pakistan initiates a dialogue process, it brings the case of Kashmir’s right to self-determination. This case is the principle political stand of Pakistan.


Why we say that Kashmir is Jugular vein of Pakistan. Because the agriculture of Pakistan is dependent on the rivers of Kashmir. Kashmir is imperative for Pakistan.  Whenever we talk about Kashmir, we talk in accordance with our principle stand.


There are other forums available were we can talk about other interests of Pakistan. There had been talks regarding trade. That initiative about trade was taken by European Union and not Pakistan. The WTO intents to review the MFN status the agreement that is suspended since 1965. They are working for it. There three fundamentals of Pakistan’s economy: Agriculture, Trade and Industry. If there is agriculture, then there will be industry. If there is agricultural production, then there will be trade. However if India  diverts the direction of rivers and builds the electricity generation powerhouses and dams, then entire agriculture of Pakistan would be destroyed. Therefore, we say that trade has no relevance until the Kashmir conflict is put on the road to a settlement. The resolution of Kashmir is imperative that will guarantee peace and  progress in the region of South Asia.