Resurrection of resolve

The special status which Kashmir enjoyed under Art.370 for a de-facto interim entente cordiale was gradually whittled and pared away by Delhi liege lords; thus they literally rendered the caveat and proviso of relationship null and void, thereby triggering off turmoil and upheaval here.

The assuming democratic monks of the West are ostentatiously trumpeting the pontifical infallibility of their democracy in vogue. The dictatorial diktats of the supremacist west are aimed at ensuring the acquiescence and complaisance of the compliant rulers of Third World countries. Supremacism-centric unilateralism of USA and its allies has simply fostered the trends of rancour-based revolt in the underdeveloped countries. Acrimony and aversion of the intractable dissidents is fathomable. Revolutionaries are prompt in prioritizing all that can guarantee their self-respect as conscious and conscientious citizens of sovereign countries. The occidental hobby wars accruing extravagance have converted the globe into a veritable hell consuming the unassuming innocent people. It is true that western powers do succeed in creating a flutter through their ill-conceived forays and fury; however they fail to understand that even a worm will turn, resist and revolt thereby causing palpable embarrassment. Why should the foreign powers be quixotic in quelling the uprising which is not primarily directed against them? Our premonitory political dialectics should constrain the western political luminaries to revert to intuitivism and soul-searching to look for a way out of the vortex of comminatory military adventurism which is necessarily creating a gulf between East and West. Your wearisome and cumbersome meddlesomeness is incommensurate with the democratic moralism of your civil society, which you are recklessly marginalizing through your domineering and rash dash in the Third world countries facing internal political cataclysm, upheaval, pandemonium and insurgency. The brew and stew of dissidence of your circumspect civil society is dormant for the moment. NATO military hawks cannot visualize the imminence of the catharsis of pent-up feelings and emotions.

Cacophonous voices of dissent within Muslim Ummah cannot cobble the Muslims together to form a homogenous ideological entity. Muslim leaders should—without harbouring, nourishing, nursing and nurturing paranoia and lurking scepticism— work for a concourse, concord and accord between the artificially polarized sections of the Muslim Ummah to eventually elevate the Ummah to the pinnacle of prominence reminiscent of their glorious past. Your objectivism should corroborate this logical positivism of ours. So arouse and awake yourselves from the debilitating slumber and reorient this Ummah to the trend of modernism— utilitarian democracy, knowledge and technophilic technology. It is, therefore, incumbent on you to resurrect and resuscitate the resolve to resist the onslaught of western forces of aggrandizement, hegemonic preponderance, predatory vampirism and xenophobia. This is how you can evade, obviate and ward off the threat, dismay, lurid witch-hunting and horrifying derogatory smear campaign. This is the only way to retrieve and redeem the Ummah from the syndrome-whirlpool— shivers of shock, frisson of fright, lassitude, passivity, autistic isolationism and cynicism. The doctrine of macroevolutionary voluntarism in democratic reorientation should be accepted as modus operandi by all those who profess to be overzealous proponents of a change in the countries facing internal strife and turmoil.

Kashmiris will continue to look upon pretentious Indian democracy as mere braggadocio and fanfaronade unless the Delhi rulers divest themselves of neurotic obsession and fixation vis-à-vis Kashmir. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, as the emblem and icon of Indian democracy, made a solemn pledge on Nov. 11, 1947 at historical Lal Chowk Srinagar that Kashmiris would be free to exercise their right to self-determination to determine the political future of Kashmir. Alas!

Pt. Nehru’s professed catholicity and humanism became a casualty when he blatantly reneged on his own commitment and began to persecute and proselytize the Plebiscite Front leaders. Indian rulers invariably denuded and deprived this self-respecting ethnic community of this mystic solace by desecrating the symbols of piety and prestige using all the sacrilegious and outrageous modes of violence, torment and torture. Thus Kashmiris felt mortified, infuriated, exasperated and fulminated. So the aggrieved and exacerbated Kashmiris resorted to all retaliatory techniques of agitation and insurrection. Your doublespeak and hazy outpourings regarding Kashmir are adding to the complexity of Kashmir tangle. The special status which Kashmir enjoyed under Art.370 for a de-facto interim entente cordiale was gradually whittled and pared away by Delhi liege lords; thus they literally rendered the caveat and proviso of relationship null and void, thereby triggering off turmoil and upheaval here. Now Kashmiris have reached a point of no return. They will fell satisfied only when they get a chance to exercise their right to self-determination.

Ram Vilas Paswan, the prominent liberal leader of India, called on Syed Ali Geelani, the elderly resistance veteran of Kashmir, on April 27 2011, to empathize with the patriarch. Mr. Paswan was still here in the valley when daily papers of April 28, 2011 copiously narrated the horrendous and blood-curdling stories of two tragic episodes related to (i) dastardly act of cold-blooded murder of Hafiz Mohd. Ashraf Lone— the famous cleric of Achbal Sopore (ii) sacrilegious act at Sumbal where Indian armed personnel stormed the house of Hurriyat activist Riyaz Ahmad who was somewhere else when his house was ransacked. The furious cops were breaking open the cupboards to swindle and reave the valuables worth lakhs of rupees, away when Mrs. Riyaz along with her 6-year old daughter jumped out of the window to save her honour. Let Paswan become the Pasban (warrior on guard) to protect the honour and dignity of Kashmiris especially the womenfolk. Mr. Paswan, as libertarian, is averse to hawkish and chauvinistic proactive role of Delhi rulers in Kashmir. Stratocracy in Kashmir is an anathema to him. He vociferously espouses the cause of humanists who are assiduously and strenuously working for the release of political leaders and workers presently languishing in Indian prisons, repeal of draconian laws and withdrawal of Indian armed personnel from Kashmir. We want to bring home to Paswan (read Pasban) that freedom zealots of Kashmir are, in fact, the metaphysical disciples of Shree Arjun, the Pandow supremo, who fought a historic war against Korows— the tormentors who had expropriated and reaved Pandows of their right to freedom and property.

Delhi rulers, the obdurate and intransigent myopes unable to make out the fallout of deadlock, stalemate and log-jam in Kashmir imbroglio should bear in mind that unresolved Kashmir issue will effectively thwart your efforts to seek a role of prominence in global politics. You are still obsessed with and fixated on illogical “atoot-ang” mantra and monomania. I, as an expert of guerrilla warfare, have the requisite capability to understand the dynamics of Kashmir resistance movement. For an average educated young man it is only a 20-minute job to know how to handle a rifle and become a sniper causing scare. If you, instead of adopting a humanistic approach to Kashmir vortex, continue to bank on chauvinistic activism in Kashmir to inadvertently push the Kashmiris to the wall, young revolutionaries here will, in desperation, orchestrate an unwholesome show of resilient revolt to make the mountainous terrain of Kashmir more inhospitable for your inept and overambitious forces. It is time when Hurriyat Conference, the political resistance forum serving the purpose of a balancing buffer-force between peremptory dispensation of the Delhi darbar and highly indoctrinated but discreet revolutionaries of Kashmir, should gird up the loins for a definitive and decisive political activism aimed at seeking of peaceful, amicable, honourable, practicable and durable settlement of Kashmir issue.

APHC leaders should apprise the world community of how ostrich optimism of the Delhi rulers is rendering the Kashmir issue more confounded, flummoxed and obfuscated— a deplorable situation detrimental for the viable peace in South Asia. It is indispensably paramount to co-opt the global altruistic pacifists and pragmatists to pre-empt and unpredictable flare-up in Kashmir and facilitate an early peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue through tripartite talks.

The author is Chief-patron Jammu Kashmir Mahaz-e-Azadi and could be reached at: