Retributive justice

    He escaped the legal process, evaded justice, fled his country . and thought that he is now safe. In this managed exile undoubtedly all the high-ups, the influential nawabs, from all key institutional helped him. To “buy” his “safe-heaven” far away in Canada and the USA. He procreated children and “enjoyed” his conjugal life. He believed that protective cocoon he weaved himself around was strong enough to twist any arm of law. But the restless soul of  Jalil Andrabi and the scores of others he tortured and murdered were, in their own way, stalking him, slowly though but surely indeed. The claws of retribution penetrated in the very home where the Devil nestled in. it took two decades for the Nemesis to make an example of him. And it did that horribly. All the protective shields he tried to ensure his survival tore apart. A reminder to all the wicked man that the mill of the God never stays in inertia but grinds to pulverize and take avenge.

    Major Avtar Singh first gunned down his entire family –he groomed and cared that keenly-and then shot himself dead. That shows how deep the criminal instinct has seeped through his blood. A brute who tasted the blood of Jalil  Andrabi and others devoured his own children and wife. The trial of blood he lived to keep shedding at long last rested at his own door steps. Killing he cultivated and improvised at his own shooting. The land has been cleansed of the one  ugly Major Avtar Singh. That is a lesson for such other major Avtar Singhs. In spilling blood of innocent people you can win promotions and gallantry awards-as has been the case of so many police and  military cops in the hapless land  of Kashmir-but sense of guilt sooner or latter overpowers you to commit suicide and wipe your own family. Beware killers, blood of innocent people is not that cheap. It wrenches you off peace and dopes you to smell enemy of your own-self  and family. The people you kill scoop out of the grave. To  haunt you. To squeeze you and kill you of your own hands.

    We feel pity for the murdered children and wife of Major Avtar. The blooming kids and woman, not in any way connected with the crime file of the killer solider, had to pay for the gaulish deeds of the Major.

    The all-important question is had fear of judicial accountability been prevailed in the rank and file of the army and para-military forces, the avtars  of countless Avtars would not have surfaced from the land suffocating under the burden of seven lakh troops. With the draconian laws like AFSPA, DAA and PSA shielding guilty cops, Kashmir will always be a land of different yardstick where not judiciary but the killer himself does justice. And does retributive justice.
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