Reverberations of the scourge

Justice Mufti Baha-ud-deen Farooqi− the renowned jurist admired and eulogized for his patriotic commitment, humanistic conviction, jurisprudential expertise and uprightness, righteousness, benevolence and courage in candour− passed away on July 5, 2014 at the age of 90. The whole Kashmiri nation mourned his death and paid tribute to the late freedom zealot for his exemplary role in the resistance movement as outspoken proponent of right to self-determination.
Posterity and progeny will certainly remember him with love and respect for his commendable contribution as a resistance writer who compiled his book “Kashmir Cries for Justice” in 1990 when Kashmir was writhing and groaning with pain and agony due to the repressive and totalitarian rule of Governor Jagmohan (the Indian fascist nicknamed as Gen. Dyer by Kashmiris). Justice Farooqi’s book is partly a compilation of the horrendous and gruesome events of carnage, massacre, torture, desecration of the holy places of worship and defilement of the womenfolk and partly jurisprudential exposition of Kashmiris’ cause of right to self-determination.

The book encapsulates the tragic and reprehensible barbarian acts of cold-blooded murder of innocent people, sacrilege of the symbols of chastity, arson and pillage. Jagmohan, with an imperialist mindset and fixation, was hell-bent on breaking Kashmiris’ will and resolve to resist as votaries of freedom. So he, as arrogant administrator, had prodded the Indian armed personnel to be superciliously ruthless in their military assertion during rampage and scourge. Kashmir remained literally clawed by 4-month long curfew during his dictatorial rule. Farooqi’s book reminds us of the ineffable mayhem that had traumatized the whole of Kashmir in 1990. We pay homage to the resistance writer for his epoch-making contribution as a valiant exponent of Kashmir cause. We vail our hats off to him. Now he is in Jannat-ul-Firdous.

Jagmohan, the haughty ‘Governor General’ of Delhi Darbar, had asked Kashmiri Pandits to leave Kashmir en masse just to facilitate the process of decapitation and decimation of Kashmiri youth who as resolute adherents of Kashmir insurgency had challenged the authority of India in Kashmir. Jagmohan tried to vanquish Kashmiris through administrative hooliganism and rowdyism. On Jan. 21, 1990, the CRPF commander, while taking cue from his imperious and domineering boss Gen. Dyer (Governor Jagmohan), ordered his soldiers to fire at the procession of people who were protesting against the large-scale arrest of Kashmiri youth at Gawkadal. Over 50 people got killed due to indiscriminate firing and hundreds were rendered wounded, maimed and mutilated.

On Jan. 25, 1990, the armed personnel, while going berserk, killed 26 people at Handwara. On Jan. 27, 1994, the army soldiers, while running amok, killed 27 citizens of Kupwara. On Jan. 6, 1993, the Indian armed personnel wreaked havoc by killing 80 people at Sopore; and about four hundred shops and houses of the peaceful citizens were set ablaze by intoxicated soldiers. An average Kashmiri looks upon Indian soldiers as depredators, assassins and rapists who brutalized and vandalized Kashmir with abominable ferocity. Indian soldiers are still on the prowl here. 
They, during their search and scout operations in towns and hamlets, continue to browbeat and intimidate the innocent people through their facial scowl and scorn. And the draconian laws like AFSPA and DAA ideally indemnify then against accountability. So these fascist laws provide complete immunity and impunity to erring soldiers.

Thus an average Indian soldier in Kashmir is licensed to kill any citizen here. Indian stratocracy in Kashmir is camouflaged by the ‘democratic dispensation’ of the puppets and stooges. Toadies are always at the beck and call of Delhi liege lords to act as pliant, complaisant and acquiescent lackeys and sychophants even at the cost of their self-respect and integrity.

Delhi imperialists are using all coercive and repressive modes of administrative assertion to ensure that Kashmiris kowtow to their boots and voluntarily waive their right to self-determination. And to their astonishment Kashmiri freedom zealots refuse to relinquish their inalienable right to self-determination, notwithstanding the blood-curdling oppressive measures of Delhi chauvinists who still bank on their aggressive and regressive nationalism. Kashmiris feel wary of their anachronistic expansionistic designs and imperialist obtrusion. Delhi liege lords fail in assessing the dimensions of the discontentment rumblings of which are quite palpable. They are almost oblivious of the brew and stew of deep-seated hatred and acrimony in Kashmir.

Let the imprudent and myopic chauvinists of Delhi try to understand that Kashmir will continue to be a nuclear flashpoint and fuse in the tinder-box of Asia unless and until you divest yourselves of the neurotic obsession regarding Kashmir. Your “atoot ang” mantra and monomania will keep you permanently entrenched and entangled in the mire and marsh of uncertainty, unpredictability and vulnerability too. Delhi imperialists, while ignoring all the norms of justice, arbitrarily gibbeted Kashmiri resistance icon Maqbool Butt on Feb. 11, 1984 in Tihar jail Delhi. Kashmiri youth felt offended and infuriated; and their fulmination culminated in the armed revolt and insurgency which got triggered off in July 1988. Gen. Ashfaq Majeed Wani, as ideal disciple of Maqbool Butt, blazed a trail by spearheading the volcanic insurrection. The 25-year old insurgency has converted our resistance movement into an impregnable fortress the invincibility of which was discernible when Kashmiris boycotted the parliament elections of 2014. You superciliously rejected the mercy appeal of Kashmiri freedom zealot Afzal Guru and executed him on Feb. 9, 2013 in Tihar jail.

Why should the lovers of freedom like Dr. M. Qasim, Dr. Shariati, Mushtaq-ul-Islam and Masarat Aalam continue to languish in your jails and concentration camps? Who reneged on the pledge and promise to allow a free and fair referendum and plebiscite in Kashmir to determine the political future of Kashmiris? Pandit Nehru wanted to make amends for his follies when he asked Sheikh Abdullah to visit Islamabad to discuss the agenda of tripartite talks with Gen. Muhammad Ayub Khan, the President of Pakistan. Demise of Pt. Nehru on May 27, 1964 eclipsed the aura of euphoria. The successors of the Indian Premier, instead of addressing the Kashmir issue, tried to encroach on Art. 370 and whittle away its importance. Now Kashmiris feel totally disillusioned with Indian system of simulated democracy. This is mere braggadocio and fanfaronade. We feel disenchanted with your hallucinatory system of dispensation.

Muslim Ummah, as Ummat-e-Wast and Kheri-Ummah, has lost its moorings as a highly indoctrinated community having unflinching faith in God Almighty. Whither conscience of the Muslim intelligentsia? Muslim intellectuals who are wedded to the monotheistic cause of the Ummah should extricate themselves from the debilitating quagmire of monolithic passivity and ossifying disposition to stagnation and inertia. You should shoulder the responsibility as the torch-bearers of transformation and transfiguration. Your nonconformism and eclecticism should form the bedrock of your comprehensive programme of ‘dawah’. It is you who can dilate and dwell on the topics related to the humiliation and victimization of Muslims in various regions of the world. It is you who have to explain how the bourgeoisie elite and snobs of the western imperialist nations demonized and diabolized the concept the concept of puritanism as fundamentalism, fanaticism and ultraism. It is you who have to explain how the policy of unilateralism, interventionism, hegemonic preponderance of the western supremacist powers, which arrogate to themselves the role of global custodians of peace, proved instrumental in triggering off insurgency in otherwise pliant and supple societies of Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Kashmir and Palestine. The reverberations of the scourge in these hapless countries should necessarily arouse you from slumber and make you knuckle down to the all-important task of intellectual deliverance and emancipation of the dispossessed and enslaved people in these regions of turmoil and upheaval.

Pakistan, as prestigious nuclear power commanding respect in Muslim Ummah, should play a proactive political and diplomatic role through peripateticism to rejuvenate and reinvigorate OIC as the potent resistance forum of Muslim Ummah. Dawah and resistance will be always concomitant. Intellectual appeal will remain juxtaposed to the resolve to resist the onslaught in whatever form it may be, regardless of the origin of its emanation. That is the viable strategy to guarantee harmonious relations with the Christendom in particular and other friendly countries in general. Apologia and defeatism is no answer to the situation of vulnerability. Pakistan has yet to wait for the emergence of an ideal revolutionary leader.

However, a consultative forum of scholars and visionaries can help in seeking a way out of the vortex of complexities and imponderables. God helps those who help themselves. That is the cornerstone of existentialism. Prioritize your monotheistic subjectivity. That is the Islamic way to emphasize objectivity.

Kashmiris will continue to follow in the footsteps of six lakh martyrs including Maqbool Butt, Afzal Guru, Moulvi Farooq, Dr. Qazi Nissar, Kh. Abdul Gani Lone, Sheikh Aziz, S. Hameed, Showkat Shah, Maqbool Malik, Jaleel Andrabi, Gen. Ashfaq Majeed Wani, Maqbool Ilahi, Shamsul-Haq, Dr. Guru, Dr. Gh. Qadir Wani, Dr. Ashaie, Adv. Hisam-ud-deen. We identify ourselves with our great martyrs. They will continue to inspire the youth of Kashmir. Kashmiris will not waver, swerve or vacillate in the path of resistance. Kashmiris find themselves sandwiched between an arrogant adversary and a callous proponent friend.

India and Pakistan should, without dilatory tactics, demilitarize the war-affected areas of Kashmir which straddles the LoC. Parliament of United Kashmir will determine the future of Kashmir in a democratic way.