The valley of Kashmir stands witness to the magnanimous and spectacular beauty of nature that mesmerizes every human soul. This heavenly piece of land draws its magnificence from the lofty snow clad mountains, fresh springs, beautiful green pastures and splendid waterfalls. Through its enchanting and picturesque scenery, it hypnotizes all towards its breathtaking and spellbound beauty. Undoubtedly, the scenic beauty of Kashmir pleases every eye. While taking into account its beauty, there seems no place in this world that can be of any comparison to it. But this moment of pride vanishes soon when one takes into account the gloomy past, the people of this heavenly piece of land had to go through. Though blessed with every blissful attraction, the beauty, the valley of Kashmir is known for, is useless for its natives. They do not have any reason to rejoice for this favour of nature as they have been caged on their own land. 
The people of this valley although carved for proper attention from the very beginning but found no one who could effectively highlight their misery and agony on a national platform. After a long time, finally a movie “HAIDER” surfaced, that has, upto a large extent, been able to highlight the melancholy and distress of inopportune Kashmiris. The movie precisely brings into front the highhandedness of the security forces that has put the entire populace of the valley in trouble. Besides highlighting the tactics to counteract the insurgency at the cost of human lives, this movie has also clearly depicted the undue advantage of AFSPA, the security forces took on various occasions. It has also been able to make others realise that being the inhabitants of disputed territory, the Kashmiris have to sacrifice their desires over and again. Furthermore the freedom of expression that has already been restricted speaks loud and clear about the tyrannical attitude of the security forces, the locals have to bear on every occasion. Also the attempt to showcase the grave human rights violation in the valley is quite commendable. The cases of unmarked graves make one wonder about the cause of their death and the need to stack them that way.
Through its unique way to present “the parents of disappeared persons” demanding to know the whereabouts of their kith and kin, the movie has in a suitable way, brought to front the pain and grief of separation that every family suffers who have lost their loved ones to the turmoil. This movie has also extended its utility in establishing the fact that the valley always remains under the thick cover of security forces who rule its every part. There is no way the native of Kashmir could consider himself to be an independent for wherever he goes, he needs to prove his identity of being a Kashmiri. What is most distinguishing about this movie is that it has highlighted the exact scenario that the turmoil in the valley resulted in. The post turmoil period has been even more gruesome for the people of the valley as they had to fight for their survival every now and then. There is no accountability for the atrocities done on the people. “Revenge begets revenge” as has been rightly conveyed in the movie makes a right sense that justifies every reason for the resentment against the security forces by the locals. 

Ironically, the valley of Kashmir though being a true symbol of beauty turned to be a battleground, which rendered its magnificence futile. One needs to learn things from the past to avoid any such mistakes. The time has come when we should seriously think of rebuilding what has been lost and bring back the lost glory to the valley. The efforts of all should be uni-directional towards peace building and encouraging harmony among all. To start with, the first thing that needs to be done is to bridge the gap between the people and the authorities to give rise to a conducive atmosphere fit for peace and prosperity. The rest will follow accordingly. 

The author is B.TECH-MBA from Lovely Professional University, Punjab. Email:


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