Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) has announced that it will hold a public rally in Srinagar somewhere in the middle of this year. It has already held a full public parade in Jammu on 22nd October 2015 flaunting arms & weapons in full public view. There should be no cringing about it as our own so-called mainstream politicians, acting more as merchants than governors, have brought this fascist organization to our door steps. One political party kissed it in Delhi & the other hugged it in Srinagar. Some depraved Minsters, bereft of any conscience & political sagacity have said that this organization has a right to be in Kashmir. It is, therefore in the fitness of things that we know what RSS stands for, its aims & objectives , its treatment with Indian Muslims & its past connections with State of J&K.

The RSS was founded in 1925 as a social organization with the basic purpose of uniting the Hindu community and to uphold the  Indian culture and civilization values more than anything else.  Drawing its inspiration from Nazis of Germany & other European right-wing groups, its basic aim has been to establish a Hindu Rashtra – a state where Hindus are the primary & supreme citizens to the exclusion of all others and the purpose of governance is to uphold Hindu principles. –The ‘all other’ non-Hindu citizens, in its reckoning, may live in this Rashtra but only as second class citizens subservient in all manners & respects to Hindus. 

Today RSS has grown into an extremely powerful militant Hindu nationalist organization with numerous allied organizations (generally referred to as Sangh Parivar), schools, charities, clubs & publications like ‘Panchjyana’ , ‘Organiser’& ‘Dharam Rashtra’ to spread its tentacles & ideological beliefs. It targets young minds & makes them hard-core to propogate its ideology. Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), which seized power in New-Delhi on its own in 2014, is its political wing. When leader of Opposition in Indian Rajya Saba compared RSS to a global terrorist organization, he was not farther from truth. Noted historian Ramchander Guha calls it an organization of hate.

The RSS has a pathologic hatred towards Muslims. According to Golwalker’s book ‘we, or our nationhood defined’ deemed as RSS charter & bible, ‘ Ever since the evil day when Muslims first landed in Hindustan—the Hindu nation has been gallantly fighting on to shake off despoilers”. In consonance with this wicked ideology, RSS has been organizing anti-Muslim riots since its inception. After partition of India into two Domains, it organized riots across India to either kill Muslims or make them to flee. In Jammu it killed or injured half a million Muslims in collaboration with Maharaja Hari Singh’s forces and under the direction & supervision of Mehr Chand Mahajan & Sardar Patel. Before putting the pogrom in motion, it deployed in July 1947 its Provincial Organiser B.R. Agrekar, an expert in military education, to Jammu & Kashmir to inspect and advise Maharaja’s forces & RSS Cadres. In neighboring Punjab it lent a supportive role & helping hands to Maharaja of Patiala & Kapurthala to empty Muslims in their areas. In Alwar, it engineered a massacre of Muslims on an unprecedented scale. Any Muslim who escaped the massacre was later converted into Hinduism under the ‘shuddi’ Programme.

The senior parcharak incharge in Alwar at that point of time was none other than former Home Minster of India L.K.Advani. In fact Advani was jailed for three months in connection with RSS’s complicity in Gandhi’s murder. In Hyderabad it infiltrated its armed cadres much before the Army operation (Known as Police action) to organize riots & kill Muslims. Nearly two lac Muslims are believed to have been killed by them in complicity with Indian army, though Sunder Lal report puts the figure at only twenty five thousand after visting only one third of the districts comprising erstwhile Hyderabad. Recently it has also advocated economic bycott of Muslims through its twitter handle @RSS_Org followed by Modi & top BJP leaders. One reason why RSS reveres only Sardar Patel, among many congressman, is that he allowed a free hand to its cadres in Jammu & elsewhere to Kill Muslims at will.

RSS has a military institution of its own known as Bhonsala Military School situated at Nasik, Mahrashtra. It was founded by B.S Monjee, the president of Hindu Mahasaba and later handed over to V. D. Sarvarkar in 1937. The school has branches in Nagpur & Pune and one such school for female cadres at Nashik is in pipe-line. Run by Central Hindu Military education Society, a subsidiary of RSS, its day to day affairs are managed by top retired army officers of the rank of colonels & Majors. Besides training RSS cadres in military arts, the academy acts as a feeder institute for entry into Indian military services. It explains why Indian military is becoming increasingly communal and intolerant towards minorities.

Some of the military officers having attended this school have been found involved in terrorist activities like Lieutenant Colonel Shrikant Purohit in Malegaon blast. It is another thing that another accused in Samjuta Expresss blast, Swami Aseemanad has confessed that he had the full approval & backing of Mohan Bagwat, Current head of RSS in his terrorist acts directed against Muslims. To hide its embarrassment & escape criminal action, RSS has pleaded that his confession was obtained under duress. Now why should Police, mostly Hindus, apply force on a Swami, apparently a God-man, to extract his confession, is beyond any comprehension?

Not content with its activities at home, RSS has spread its tentacles in the international arena as well. It has weaved alliances with ‘Bodu Bala Sena’ of Sri Lanka & Sanatan Dharma Swayamsevak Sangh & 969 movement headed by Ashin   Wirathu in Mynamar which has close relations with the military Junta there. Influenced by RSS ideology, all these outfits continuously instigate attacks against Muslims in their respective Countries and have Publicly vowed to cleanse Muslims of their areas. So far they have killed thousands of Muslims, raped their women, burned hundreds of mosques and destroyed large number of Muslim properties and businesses.

In-fact Mynmar has evicted lakhs of Rohingya Muslims who are living in sub-human conditions in various parts of South-east Asia. Incidentally Brahmin Hindus claim Lord Budha as incarnation of Lord Vishnu and therefore find fanatic Buddists as natural allies against Muslims. ( The International New York Times -October 16, 2014). To expand its ideological outreach, RSS has plans to involve more Countries like Fiji, Thailand, Nepal, Philphines and Cambodia in its nefarious designs. So next time you hear of communal clashes in these Countries , don’t be surprised as evil forces of RSS have already charted out a plan of action for their cohorts in these countries.

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