In my earlier article, I wrote about the ever growing tentacles of RSS to spread its wicked ideology through out India & its select neighbors. A question arises-how does it achieve this purpose? The answer lies in visiting the organizational structure of RSS.

While RSS is the mother organization fully controlled by Brahmins, it has around forty affiliated sub-organisations or subsidiaries through which it spreads its ideology. The group as a whole is called as Sangh Parivar (Family) which stands for the most retrograde, patriarchal and anti-minority brahmnical ideology. Its currency is deep & universal anger ,ideology sullen and negative and Philosphy hatred against Minorities particularly Muslims. It is an undeniable fact that almost all enquiry commissions on communal violence in India – from Bhagalpur, Jamshedpur to Bhiwandi, Meerut & Gujrat -have found the visible and invisible hand of fanatic mobs aligned with this extremist parivar.

The highest decision making body of the Parivar  is called Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha. The Brahmin gene is coded into the parivar by the mother organization(RSS), whose founder (Hedgewar), most important thinkers (Deen Dyal Upadahay,Golwalkar & Savarkar), current & past leaders (Bhagwat & Sudarshan), as Similarly the core political leadership like Shyama prasad Mukerjee,Vajpayee,Arun Jaitly ,Nitin Gadhkari, Sushma Swaraj vests with Brahmins-

RSS members conduct shakas which is essentially a daily gathering of swayamsevaks, held in an open ground for an hour either in the morning or in the evening. It is started by doing Parnam (by putting right hand on chest) to the Flag of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. In shakha, swayamsevaks perform exercises, sing patriotic and devotional songs, have discussions on topics like Perceived persecution of Hindus, Shuddi & Ghar wapsi (Conversion of Muslims into Hinduism), construction of Ram Temple, Uniform civil code & abolition of article 370 etc. Reciting false History (for instance portraying all Muslim rulers as anti-Hindu demons) painted in saffron color is a usual topic of discussions. Though at present open only to men, steps are afoot to open shakas even for women.

A Look at some important family members of RSS.

  1. Bhartiya Janta Party or BJP– Originally floated in 1951 as Jan Sangh, it was rechristened as Bhartiya Janta Party or BJP in 1980 following split of Janta party .It works as Sangh’s political wing which helps it wear a democratic veil, disseminate its views using Govt. platform, implement its programmes officially and more particularly to post men of its choice in various Govt positions whenever & wherever it seizes power through electoral politics. For instance when BJP seized power at centre in 2014, it placed persons subscribing to its ideology by replacing heads of vital institutions like Indian Council for Historical research (ICHR0), Indian Council for cultural relations (ICCR),National Book trust (NBT), NIT Nagpur, Central Board of film certification (CBFC), Prasar Bharti, Tata Institute of fundamental research(TIFR), National Council of Educational research & training(NCERT), Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla (IIAS) etc. etc. Ditto for States where it is in power. As will be seen cultural & educational institutions helpful in spreading RSS ideology are its primary targets. Even NITs have not been spared. This partly explains the recent happenings at NIT,Srinagar.

  2. Vishu Hindu Parishad-Founded in 1964, this organization is mainly engaged in construction of temples & anti-cow slaughter campaign . This organization played a central role in demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992 and is now campaigning for construction of Ram temple at the same site. Its duties also includes to connect with overseas Hindus & collect funds for RSS. Its executive president is Parveen Tagodia, a ‘cancer surgeon’ by profession but ‘cancer personified’ by actions.

  3. Bajrang Dal– This rag tag force is made up of ruffians, musclemen & uneducated trolls whose job is to spread terror among minorities. Most of its members are armed with deadly weapons. Remember Graham Stains & his family was burnt alive by a member of this gang called Dara Singh. More recently a pregnant christain lady & her husband were set on fire after drenching them in petrol in Bastar district.This organization along with VHP played a crucial role in Gujrat riots of 2002.

  4. Durga Vahini-it is the women wing of RSS. It aggressively recruits young women to receive ideological education and to learn karate and lathi, ostensibly for self defence. In the Bijnor riot in 1990, its activists organized a procession through the Muslim quarters of city shouting provocative slogans which started violence. Members of this wing (some seen arriving in long sedans) were responsible for loot & plunder of Muslims shops in Gujrat who had either been killed or fled the city in riots 2002.

  5. Akil Bhartya Vidyarti Parishad (ABVP) It is a student wing of RSS. It is present in every Govt. or non-Govt educational institution. It fights school/College elections to grab unions for furthering RSS objectives.

  6. Bhartiya Kissan Sangh-Ostensibly committed to revive traditional agricultural knowledge & practices, this organization is invariably used to harass Muslims of rural areas and engineer riots whenever required to dispossess them of land holdings through distress sales.(See Jitendra Narayan report on Jamshedpur riots of 1979)

  7. Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh– Founded in 1955, it is the largest Trade union affiliated to RSS. Ostensibly committed to promote good Employer-Employee relations, this organization is used to influence Mill workers & their families with RSS ideology. In times of need this industrial force is used to displace Muslims in Industry like Moradabad, Bhiwandi etc.

  8. Vidya BhartiFounded in 1952,this organization has a network of more than 25,000 (yes twenty five thousand) schools generally called as shishu Mandirs or Gurukuls run by RSS. These schools put emphasis on Hindu scriptures & Prayers. This is an important element in RSS’s policy of ‘catch them young’.This organization along with Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram has made inroads in inaccessible areas of our state in Chenab & Pirpanchal regions.

  9. Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram-Founded in 1952, this organization is dedicated for betterment of tribal community.It runs around 28000 tribal schools including some in North-Eastern States. The ultimate objective is to convert tribals into Hinduism.

  10. Vishwa Samvad Kendra. This is the Communication Wing of RSS, spread all over India for media related work. It has a team of dedicated IT professionals which spreads information through social media and inter-net. It has floated many fringe sub-groups whose job is to demonize & Malign Muslims through social media, comments & response to news items appearing in digital edition of newspapers. One notices these right-wing fanatics pouncing on any mention of words like Islam,Muslims or Pakistan with choicest invectives & abuses. Most of its team members use fake identities to escape legal action. Corporate Media helps them by providing space in their digital editions in violation of policy of ‘civil & decent comments’. It made an immense contribution to Modi’s success in Gujrat & national elections 2014 by influencing & polorizing educated class of Indians.

  11. Muslim Rashtriya Manch. Nurturing a false idea that Indian Muslims are not fully integrated with Indian mainstream, this Organisation has been founded to involve Muslims in National integration programmes. Many religious heads and Imams have been enrolled to spread the RSS ideology of Indianness among Muslims. A separate sub-group has been created to work in Kashmir. The avowed objective of RSS to indianise Islam is carried out through this forum.

  12. Rashtriya Sikh Sangat. Under Indian Constitution, Sikhs are classified as Hindus and not a separate & distinct minority. This organization has been floated with the aim of reinforcing that ideology among Sikhs.

  13. Think-Tanks:RSS has eight think tanks which advises it on political, economic, religious, cultural , security and international affairs; These are-

a)Vivekananda International Foundation: Founded – 2011, Main objects-To promote quality research and in-depth studies on national issues. National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval, principal secretary to the PM, Nripendra Mishra, additional principal secretary to the PM, PK Mishra and NITI Aayog members Bibek Debroy and VK Saraswat are the products of this think tank who have been picked for national duties. Lt. General(Retd) & former core Commander 15 Corps, Srinagar Syed Atta Hasnain, is also associated with this organisation.

b)India Foundation: Founded in 2014. Main objectives to bring out ‘Indian nationalistic

perspective’ on various issues with a that can help understand the Indian civilisational influence on contemporary society". This foundation has same influence on Modi government’s policy thinking which National Advisory Council had on UPA-1’s.(Economic Times 3rd August 2015) c)Forum for Integrated National Security: Founded 2004- Objectives-To promote a belief that only ‘a secured nationhood can provide peace and prosperity to citizens’ d) Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation: Set up in 2008, the foundation is "committed to the nationalist ideological vision and thoughts of Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee and Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay that strives to strengthen and to uphold issues and positions in tune with India’s national interest. e) India Policy Foundation: Established in 2008- Objectives to engage in high quality research, influential thought leadership, educated debates and policy recommendations to issues of national importance for India. f)Forum for Strategic and Security Studies: Set up in 2010, objectives to provide a platform for research, analysis, option formulation and evaluation of national security policies of, and security relationships between, states, particularly those in South Asia and the Asia Pacific region". g) Public Policy Research Centre:Established in 2011 –objectives ‘to address the emerging challenges of 21st century’. h) Centre for Policy Studies: Established in 1990 –Objectives to be "an institute for research and study aimed at comprehending and cherishing the essential civilisational genius of India, and to help formulate a polity that would allow the Indian genius to flourish and assert itself in the present day world".Its subjects of specialization include Ayodhya and the Future India, Changing Religious Demography of India and Sanatana Bharat Jagrita Bharat, among others. n)Other Affiliated Organisations:

  1. Seva Bharti. Meant to help economically weaker sections among Hindus

  2.  Swadeshi Jagaran Manch, To promote the concept of Swadeshi Indian made goods

  3. Saraswati Shishu Mandir, To establish Nursery Schools

  4. Rashtra Sevika Samiti, A Volunteer Association for Women 

  5. Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh,  Hindu Volunteer Association – overseas wing

  6. Anusuchit Jati-Jamati Arakshan Bachao Parishad, Organisation for the improvement of Dalits

  7. Laghu Udyog Bharati It is an extensive network of small industries affiliated to Sangh Parivar

It will be noticed that there is hardly any segment or area which has been left untouched by RSS. It explains how it has been able to raise its tally in Indian Parliament from 2 in 1984 to 282 in 2014.

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P.S: In my concluding article, I shall respond to all questions raised/expected to be raised in response to my earlier and this article.