Safi condemns attack on Kashmiri labourers by goons in India

Hurriyat-AJK leader and Convener of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Jammu Kashmir, Ghulam Muhammad Safi has condemned the attack on the Kashmiri labourers by goons in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Ghulam Muhammad Safi in a statement issued in Islamabad said that it was not the first time that labourers and students of occupied Kashmir were targeted but the Indian polarized society was targeting Muslims for their religious and ethnic identity.

Expressing serious concerns over the deep-rooted Muslim animosity in Indian extremist class, he pointed out that the bad blood, hostility had now being patronized and systematically spread out throughout India as a state policy. India has turned into a fascist state where the vital organ of the state behaves more ruthlessly than an extremist goon behaves on a roadside. Media and judicial system of India is busy in doing what is impossible for communal to achieve by lynching and riots, he added.

Ghulam Muhammad Safi said that communal and extremist organizations of India had now created a new term called “Hindutwa”. No doubt, this atrocious attitude and thinking is harmful, not only for the system of the territory but also finally leads towards the instability and disintegration, he maintained. He said that every Kashmiri was in a state of difficulty and distress as the cases of COVID-19 are growing in occupied Kashmir.

Meanwhile, the Vice-chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Young Men’s League, Zahid Ashraf, in a statement in Islamabad condemned the atrocities of Indian troops on the people of occupied Kashmir. He said that India was taking advantage of the world’s attention towards fighting the COVID-19 to suppress the people of the occupied territory.

Zahid Ashraf deplored that at a time of crisis caused by coronavirus pandemic, India was flaring up tension at the Line of Control and targeting the civilian population in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He warned that if the world community remained a silent spectator to the Indian savagery and jingoism, the consequences would certainly be disastrous for the regional and international peace.

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