Sameer Tiger’s minor siblings being harassed, arrested; family in shock

Even after two months when Sameer Tiger was killed in an encounter, his family struggles to come to terms with the loss of their child.
The family is allegedly subjected to regular investigation and “his younger minor sibling Shahid, is being taken in custody without any warrants frequently”, while in other parts of India, it is prohibited to keep a juvenile in police custody.
Separate juvenile homes are made so as to provide the conducive environment for the children under 18. However, in Kashmir, the law has become redundant due to which children undergo same trials like that of an adult criminal.
Shahid has dropped out of school to look after his family but is now subjected to interrogation by the army.
“Our worries for our younger kids have increased. My child is beaten by the army and if he joins militancy it will be because of the ill-treatment of the state authorities,” says Sameer Tiger’s father.
Shahid, who is 16 years old, is as per family under the custody of Kuthwa police and is kept along-with other adult inmates.
“Our kid is still under the custody and is kept with inmates who are not juvenile. He is 16 years old and is badly beaten at times. He was under arrest just after Sameer’s taaziyat without any warrant for one month. His two cousins were also incarcerated with him in Kuthwa,” says Sameer Tiger’s mother.
While Sameer wanted his brother to take over their farming business, and his brother had already taken part in various farming workshops, however, his alleged regular arrests by the army and the police, left him deeply disturbed and depressed.
As per reports, moments before Sameer Tiger’s death, he made a call to his sister Shihista and asked her to take care of the family as now everything belongs to her. Shihista is 13-year-old and she hasn’t come to terms with the crisis that her family is facing. Shihista didn’t appear in her final exam as the incident shook her to the core and she was left deeply affected by it.
The horror of her elder brother dying still haunts her so much that she can’t roam or sleep alone.
After Tiger’s death, family is staying low-key with minimal social interactions.
On many occasions, they have been allegedly exposed to army’s coercive examination and their house is being ransacked as the part of the investigation.
“We have stopped attending local marriages and participating in any social gatherings. Usually people used to pay visit to us but now they all seem to have distanced themselves.” adds Tiger’s mother.
Tiger’s tombstone was also allegedly ransacked by the army as people in Drabgam started had started visiting his grave.
The family is struggling in view of frequent forces’ raids and arrest of the kids.