Sanitized in conscience NC and PDP, the trusted lackeys of Darbar


            India relies on its political stooges and on-the-pay-role journalists, academics and NGOs, to counter pro-Aazadi dominant narrative. They all have mortgaged their conscience to their masters to perpetuate their interests. New Delhi uses them as cover ups and deviating tools for the atrocities it commits against people. After Indian armed forces and police finish the task of brutally suppressing the public uprisings – instantaneously erupt after finding a vent – Delhi Darbar changes the gear to look benevolent. The brutal suppression, Darbar strategists think, not only has to be veiled up, even legitimized. That is where it uses its lackeys. Electoral process is not only a trapping device to ensnare gullible people of Kashmir in Indian slavery bind, it is also cunning device to hoodwink world opinion. The pro-Indian political parties provide the ‘democratic’ face to the otherwise military hold in Kashmir. They have a cut out task of hosing down the blood off the streets that the mighty Indian forces have spilled in restoring ‘normalcy’. They are to present the “shining India” image at a place where unmasked graves, extra judicial killings and rape of women are shielded by the law (AFSPA). Democracy here is euphemism for maintaining Indian grip. And in bijlee, pani, sarak cacophony Darbar aims to further consolidate and venerate its military stranglehold.

            Whether it was national Conference or PDP, history testifies, they have always been trusted loyalist political forces India has pegged its hope in strengthening its position in Kashmir. At every crucial and deciding moment of history they acted as Trojan Horses of Delhi only to sabotage the interests of its people. More they grabbed power in blackmailing the sentiments of people, more the fortress of subjugation got fortified. Both these groups are allies of the imperialist, Sadiqs and Jafar traitor breed of yore. As pets of Darbar, they are given a well-crafted scripts and carefully assigned roles. Even in opposition their fist showing demeanor is part of this choreographed affair. Their Delhi bashing macho posturing at times is not deviation from the script but very much part of it. Their growling at each other for the crumbs the Darbar throws is projected as ‘democratic’ empowerment. On these crunches the Darbar sales its crunched project democracy to the world.

            Count as many instances as you can, the betrayal to nation Kashmir by these regional parties comes stinking. NC has a treacherous legacy right from its inception (1938). Accession endorsement and celebrating landing of Indian army as Tuiran ababil (pious birds from heaven), burying whole era of plebiscite under the muck of ’22 years of political wilderness’ and Abdullah’s meek surrender (1975), then Dr Farooq’s offering his and party’s to pull Indian imperial cart in the unacceptable environs and Omar’s callous insensitivity to the merciless killings of Kashmiri youth and choking dissent, all those facilitated Indians to brutalize Kashmir. PDP is not different. It inherits all the deceptive genes of Congress. Its very floatation has the Darbar pre-meditation and consent. It serves double purpose to the Darbar. To keep razor at the necks of the two rival parties and enjoying cherry picking. They are there to be enjoyed but keep them fighting all the time simultaneously.

            Three consecutive mass uprisings certainly bigger than the contemporary mass agitation’s. Even Tahreers and Taqseems pale in significance when judged in scales of mass mobilization and non-violent mode of the upheaval. But the Ghandian India brutally crushed it with bullets, pellet guns and other fatal weapons. More than hundreds of youth killed, thousands crippled for life. Regime of incarceration operationalized. Gills of the land jammed. Every form of dissent snuffed out. But Abdullah’s and Mufti’s still integrating in thought, belief and emotions to the Darbar. Why should Darbar care for ordinary people when it has the trusted shoulders where its military machine can pretty sit on. Shame begs for cover to encompass their shamelessness. Sanitized in conscience, they see nothing they can cry, bemoan, bewail, condemn and protest. Power lust has completely insulated them.