Setting schools on fire’ ploy to distract attention from HR violations, says Jama’at

Srinagar: Expressing its serious concern over the setting of schools on fire in various parts of valley, Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir terms it a ‘well designed ploy to distract attention of world community from the rights abuses by government forces in Kashmir’ and appeals local populace to come forward for the safety and security of educational institutes in their respective areas.

In a statement issued to media, Jama’at said, setting of schools on fire during this ongoing peaceful public movement is undoubtedly a ploy to distract the attention of world community from the rights violations and barbarity perpetrated by government forces in Kashmir. The present ongoing peaceful movement has unnerved Indian hypocritical outlook before world. As India is well educated about the rights violations made by its forces in Kashmir since July 8, in particular and from 1947 in general but for the concealment of truth, India will leave no opportunity to dupe the international community and will always try to misrepresent our just and legitimate freedom struggle. Jama’at at this critical juncture appeals local populace particularly youth to keep day and night vigil for the security and safety of educational institutions in their respective areas in order to secure the public property.

Jama’at said, as the present dispensation on the orders of their masters has beaten the drums and showed fabricated concern over the future of Kashmiri children but people of Kashmir are now more conscious and politically mature to understand the wicked and malicious gimmicks by oppressor being used in the pretext of education. Those who are beating chests and yelling on the future of kids today should have to show some humanity too towards those children who had been rained with bullets and pellets by their uncontrollable forces and made them dead and visionless forever. Since July, 8 more than 90 youth have been killed, 15 thousand innocents have been severely and partially injured and maimed and the same number (15 thousand) have been arrested so far by Indian forces. If people at helm were truly sincere about the future of children in Kashmir, then on what crime their rowdy forces snatched hundreds of eyes of school going children whose dream was to become a good and responsible citizen in their life? What will be the take of people at helm on whose behest forces snatch the dream of Insha? Literally what they propagate is just a part of their filthy politics and nothing else.

Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir appeals world bodies along with all national and international human rights groups to come forward and stop India from committing war crimes in Kashmir and take bold and tangible measures for the resolution of long standing Kashmir dispute which is the indispensable bone of contention between the two nations, India and Pakistan.