Shah Faesal’s tweet treating Kashmir as separate entity from India evokes strong reaction

Shah Faesal’s tweet treating Kashmir as separate entity from India evokes strong reaction

Early Times Report

Jammu, May 28:

Top bureaucrat of the State and topper of 2009 IAS batch Shah Faesal has received criticism from cross section of the society for projecting Kashmir as a separate identity between India and Pakistan.

“Artists from Kashmir, India and Pakistan should come together for an anti-war song. The collaboration can even happen online, without Visa hassles”, Shah Faesal, who is source of inspiration for hundreds of youth across the country, tweeted on Tweeter.

Faesal tweeted has evoked strong reaction on tweeter as people from different caste, creed and colour condemned him from projecting Kashmir separate from India.

“Put that comma in between India, PoK, Baluchistan & Pakistan. That wud hv been better. Faesal Miyaa. I donot know why son of school headmaster think Kashmir to be separate entity…..first it was Burhan Wani…..& now Faesal Miyaa…Kuch to gadbad hai masterji ki teaching mein”, reacted one Famida Noor on tweeter.

“Why is Kashmir and India written as two separate entities, being a civil servant you should know better, about Kashmir being an integral part of India….btw isn’t Aman Ki Asha a tamasha enough!!”, write Purnima Shetty while replying to Shah Faesal.

“Is Kashmir not in India that u hv mentioned it separately?… Faesal…….u are a Separatist in disguise of an IAS office.. @PMOIndia…better keep him under observation”, Famida Noor further reacted.

“You make Kashmir sound like another country. If you think so, what are you doing in a GOI job? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”, tweeted Pradeep Bajpai.

“When u mention India and Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir like other states of the Union of India automatically is included for participation! No matter what the intent, the choice of words is equally or more important. As an Indian Administrative Services Officer u must be trained in it”, tweeted Siddharth Ganjoo.