Sheikh, a Goliath or a David (II)

Sheikh, a Goliath or a David (II)
Hassan Zainagairi
                The quid pro quo settled between Abdullah and Nehru saw Abdullah to ensure his authority unchallenged and endorsed by Delhi (read Nehru) in lieu of using his clout to influence the forces of History and let Kashmir fall in the lap of India. That was the be-all and end-all of Abdullah and the equation he drew with Nehru. For that, lollypop of Primeministership and host of other deceitful tricks were played on Abdullah knowing his being the victim of delusion of grandeur.
            Delhi used Abdullah to its hilt and fleeced him of every pro-Muslim leanings. They first have him endorse Accession of Kashmir with Indian union (soon after his release from Hari Parbat Jail managed by Nehru, Gandhi and Lord Mount Batten). Then they pushed him as Trojan Horse to dig a deep wound into the Pakistan’s case in United Nations. Look at the speech he delivered in the World assembly. See the irritants and road blocks he created to thwart the Council Resolutions and UN nominated members who toured Kashmir to gauge the feelings of Kashmiris.
            That it was a time-buying tactics Indian leadership was playing that cunningly – and that has made Abdullah to nurse a false illusion himself that what Nehru is to India, he is to Kashmir – was driven home to the “Sher-e-Kashmir”  when the son of fleeing Maharaja he appointed as “Sadar-e-Riyasat” on his ‘loving friend’ Nehru’s behest sacked him from “Wazarat-e-Uzma”.  An ordinary police officer put shacklers in his hands and drove him to Kota-Kumand (far Southern part of India).
            Now browse through the pages of history and feel the pain of ‘realization’ of choosing to go contrarily to the wishes of people and the ‘resolve’ of never making compromise on Kashmiri’s right to self-determination. Dated September 26, 1964, Sheikh in his letter written in Urdu bearing his signature affirms his commitment for Kashmiri’s RSD. Writing to one of his close confidante he says: –
“The aim of my life is to ensure honor and dignity of my people. This is the reason that I               have been striving for the enforcement of their right to self-determination. If I die in pursuance of this goal I shall consider myself as the happiest man in the world”
            Jail days gave him time for introspection and find out where he dithered and deceived his nation. Conscious of his historical mistakes he made from time to time, Sheikh confessed:-
                  Quam mujhai khatakaar keh sakhtee hai laikin gadaar nahein
            Translated in English it means: the nation (of Kashmir) can condemn me as a sinner but not the traitor. However, only 8 years later on March 7, 1972 D P Dhar called on Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah at New Delhi. What transpired in the meeting got its reflection in the statement of Sheikh Abdullah that the London times published next day (March 8, 1972). It read: ‘There is no dispute with India on the issue of accession. The dispute is on the modalities of internal autonomy. Nobody should forget that I made Kashmir part of India’. Call it political sommer sault on part of sheikh or pure betrayal. The ‘confidential file’ Dhar was carrying had again lured Abdullah to make one more Himalayan blunder: that is enjoy power, sacrifice struggle he vowed to wage till his last breath.
            Looked from this angle, the Goliath in Abdullah won over the David that he was shaping to mould himself in. purely and unquestionably a Gadaar, who deceives his nation to satiate his political lust.