Sheikh was a jackal not a lion: Sehrai ‘Govt rebooting Ikhwan in Kashmir’

“It is the mistakes of Sheikh Abdullah that has forced Kashmiris to suffer since 1947 now. What has he ever done to be called a lion? He was a jackal actually”, Sehrai said

He made these remarks during his visit to the residence of slain pro-freedom leader, Mir Hafizullah at Badura Akingam village in the Achabal area of Anantnag district. Sehrai added that the assassination of Hafizullah was a “heinous and cowardly act” by those who were afraid of his commitment for the cause. Sehrai addressed the gathering of mourners for more than an hour here at the slain leader’s residence.


“Sheikh’s first mistake in 1947 could be forgiven and we can assume that he was betrayed at that time. But he again betrayed the people of Kashmir when he signed an Accord with Indira Gandhi in 1975,” Sehrai said. “We as people are to be blamed as well and it was the people who used to say alle kari wangan kari babb kari lo lo,” he added.
Sehrai further said that “Hafizullah already had apprehensions that something like this was going to happen to him as many incidents of intimidation and harassment had happened with him since last month now and as per the inputs available with us, the Indian government has reactivated a force like Ikhwan while the weapons among these people have been distributed covertly to silence pro freedom leadership, especially TeH and Jamaat e Islami activists.”
“Under a well-thought-out plan, some forces are strengthening the hands of unidentified gunmen to kill pro-freedom leaders and activists.”
He, however, added that these killings would not discourage the leadership or freedom loving people who would continue to carry forward the resistance movement, said Sehrai.
Sehrai also targeted the former Chief Minister and founder of Peoples Democratic Party—saying, “Many people including some journalists would always claim that Mufti Syed was a seasoned and a wise politician with a farsighted vision. During their last election campaign the PDP, especially their leader, Mufti Syed, sought votes to stop the advance of communal forces like BJP into the state. But later on they went on to form a coalition government with them just to grab power,” Sehrai said.
Later on his daughter, Mehbooba Mufti, also made a remark that only 5 percent people of the state were favoring the movement and 95 per cent were against it but her claims have been proven otherwise, especially in the south Kashmir region, if we look at the recent developments. The pro India politicians and their followers are merely five percent against us who seek a complete end to the Indian rule here” Sehrai added.