Shopian double rape-murder Nine years on, family awaits justice

Nine years after the horrific case of double rape and murder of Asiya Jan and her sister-in-law Neelofar Jan, which is still etched in minds of the people, the family continues to await justice.
Neelofar’s child was two-years-old when the incident occured.
Today, he is 11 and misses his Ammi all the more.
Asiya’s borther and Neelofar’s husband, Shakeel Ahmed says the investigation had been carried out umpteenth times but the culprits never brought to book.
“Though the horrific incident occurred in 2009, the scars we received are still fresh,” Ahmed says.
Criticising the government, he says, “While the Peoples Democratic Party President spearheaded the entire protest against the brutal forces carrying placards and seeking justice, after becoming the CM she has turned away.”
He says the family was pressurized to take the case back and his father-in-law (Neelofar’s father) was arrested for 15 days in 2016.
“Our mothers and sisters are not safe and everyone here knows who performed this heinous crime,” Ahmed says. “Ironically, in Kashmir, instead of feeling safe with the presence of men in uniform, we are afraid of them.”
Neelofar was the lone child of her parents and her killing still torments them.
“She comes in my dreams every night, asks me if I still care for her, and leaves saying, ‘Wardiposh kaatil hain’ (Men in uniform are the killers),” her mother, Syed Aisha says.
She says she would not stop looking for justice for her daughter.
“We don’t want any money from anybody. How can my daughter’s life be worth a few dirty notes? I only had one child but they took her away from me,” Aisha says.
Neelofar’s father, Syed Abdul says he changed a lot after this incident.
“I learned a lot from this horrific incident in my life,” he says. “All these political parties are indifferent toward the plight of poor and don’t care about the loss of lives, and only the blood of poor gets spilled.”
Asiya’s sister, Rumi Jan accuses the then SP Shopian for the wrongdoings.
She also criticized the CM saying she would come to console the family and seek votes for delivering justice.
“After assuming power, she distanced herself from us,” Rumi says.
While fighting tirelessly and carrying with the long-standing battle of seeking justice, the family has got several death threats and an arrest warrant for no substantial reason.