Shopian unveils the symphony of subjugation

Omar Abdullah, the young scion of Sheik dynasty-a primary culprit for helping India in perpetuating its neo-colonial rule in Kashmir-and his coalition NC-Congress Sarkar were busy in giving finishing touch to the Zubin Metha’s Bevarian State Orchestra at the picturesque Shalimar garden when four innocent Kashmiri youth were, in cold-blood, being murdered by Indian ‘security forces’ in Shopian, south Kashmir in broad day light. The old adage, ‘when Caesar was playing violin, Rome was burning’ has, in all its semantics and practicality, ideal setting in Omar and his ruling dispensation. Despite in ‘democratic’ robes the Kashmiri Chief Minister preferred to be part of the imperialist design than to show solidarity with the victims of the brutal murder, which was his primary constitutional obligation. That very behavior and mindset from the head of the “awami sarkar” is a ‘morale-boosting’ seductive for the killers in uniform to carry on their “mission” of gunning down Kashmiris. Why should afterall the trigger happy forces stop from ensuring youth become canon fodder of India’s imperialistic  ambitions when law of the land, the institutions, the film industry, business class, media and the ruling class all overtly  or covertly, loudly or  mutely, directly or indirectly, conspire in oiling this killing machinery. That they derive a sadistic pleasure in brutalization of Kashmir is stating the obvious. The collective insensitivity and callous indifference from Delhi and its stooges in Kashmir on such gut-wrenching incidents drugs Indian Security apparatus to seek improvisation in their occupational strategies.


            One would have hoped since world media was focused on the Zubin’s musical concert, the occupying forces would have held in leash their arrogance and avoided from causing any embarrassment to the authorities, but no, any day, any moment is subservient to their masculinity prowess, hooked on the obsession of seeing every Kashmiri as enemy. Since entire Kashmir was up against the musical show, as they sniffed it as Indian endeavor of projecting “normalcy” and ‘peace’ (far from reality on the ground) to hoodwink the world.  The blood-thirsty forces felt intoxicated to ‘teach Kashmiris a lesson’. And in teaching that lesson, every Kashmiri has to be branded as a militant. See the version of the Indian forces, guilty of killing four Kashmiris. Their spokes-person, legitimized the murder in calling the slain youths as ‘militants’. As if not to lag behind in wagging its tail of allegiance to Delhi Darbar, Kashmir government (which derives its strength from the very people of Kashmir and can’t snap its societal and cultural ties from the soil) too vilified the innocent as ‘anti-social elements’.

           For Kashmir police it has become a regular exercise (may be its PRS is suffering from severe tooth-ache and such fantasies are remedial recipes suggested by Delhi) to justify atrocity by labeling anyone a ‘stone pelter’. Not to talk of rest of civilized nations, even Indian constitution and justice system do not approve extra-judicial murder, even if the person arrested or detained is a militant. And pray tell us who amongst the four killed youth from Shopian were hurling stones at the forces camp or what crime they had committed which ‘provoked’ the ‘security’ forces to empty their magazine on the youth?

             Local media is full of the reports to suggest that it was a cold blooded murder. They were first stopped by the forces personnel near the camp gates, frisked and their identity cards checked and then ordered to move ahead. Then their scooters and bikes they were riding on were fired upon from behind. Killing them on the spot. Drenched in pool of blood the dear ones of Kashmir were wailing their helplessness only to be celebrated at by the ‘valiant’ soldiers of Indian nation. That is how India is bringing ‘integration’ of Kashmiris to its manifold.