SHRC takes up illegal detention of youth by magistrates with Govt

The State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has taken up the matter of “illegal” detention of youth under section 107 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) with the government. The CRPC section is imposed by the magistrates to detain youth to prevent “disturbance in peace.”

After visiting different jails of the State earlier this year, SHRC Chairman, Justice (retd) Bilal Nazki raised the issue with government that most of the youth were illegally held under section 107 of CRPC. “Earlier when I visited Central jail Srinagar I talked to two detained boys there and told them to share the reasons for being in jail. They told me that they are being sent here by magistrate under section 107 of CRPC.”

Earlier the government informed the SHRC that 101 persons of district Srinagar were held under section 107 of CRPC till August 16 from last one year. The Commission had sought details about the detention of the number of youth. The details were revealed by Additional District Magistrate in a letter to the Secretary SHRC.

According to the data submitted by district magistrate Srinagar to SHRC inKhanyar 32 persons were sent to jail by the magistrate U/S 107 of CRPC vide 64/TKS/17. In Panthachowk magistrates have sent three people to jails U/S 107 of CRPC vide TPC/JC/MM/193. In Shalteng 19 persons were detained, in South zone of Srinagar 27 persons, in North zone ten persons.

In the Chanapora area of Srinagar five persons were detained under CrPC 107 and the concerned Tehsildar of Eidgah had detained 5 persons. Nazki said, “Later I found there were more than 100 boys detained illegally. Some of the people who are exercising powers they don’t know their powers under the Public Safety Act (PSA).’’