Signs of fatigue

This refers to a report ‘Mirwaiz Umar Farooq rules out chances of Hurriyat reunification’ published in your esteemed daily (KT: June 30, 2011). Elaborating, he said "willing to discuss everything with New Delhi apart from status quo."

It is to be noted with great concern that our leaders are a tired lot bereft of any strategy to tackle India. Although our leaders had started showing signs of fatigue on January 2, 2011 during a seminar to commemorate the martyrdom of Dr Abdul Ahad Wani, the pandora’s box seems to be opening. Let us watch for the skeletons tumbling out of it. But before that stage comes, I put a straight poser to Mirwaiz to elucidate all other options other than the status quo. Is he convinced that Pakistan, which risked its existence for Kashmir, is on board? Mirwaiz must realise the negative fall out of his statement. Our leaders having brought us in direct confrontation with India cannot leave us in lurch like that. I’m afraid they have to account for every loss which Kashmiris have suffered.

I, for one, had pinned great hopes on the Mirwaiz because he is the only leader, post 1990, who has no Indian tag attached to him and is the leader within his own right heading a party which has been in the fore front for the last sixty three years barring aberrations here and there that too when he was not on the scene.

Posterity should not treat our leaders with disdain for having deceived Kashmiris yet again. It is however an opportune time to find a solution to the vexed Kashmir dispute where in all the three parties to the dispute are taken on board which of course has to be on give and take basis.

Syed Ali Shah Geelani should ponder over it as a strategic consideration. As far as current political atmospherics are any indication Indian strategic community has realised that Kashmir is proving to be of diminishing returns.

India is finding it hard to explain killing of unarmed peaceful protesters 2008 through 2010; reference may be made to first European Union conditioning Free Trade Agreement with India on resolution of Kashmir and second UN human Rights Council asking Indian representative at UN to submit to it a report on civilian killings in Kashmir during 2010.