SRINAGAR, Nov 24: Former union minister Yashwant Singh and other members of his civil society group last evening met Awami National Conference leaders Begum Khalida Shah and Muzzafar Shah and National Conference leader Dr Mustafa Kamal here.

In a statement, a spokesman of ANC said the authorities allowed former Sinha, Retd Air Vice Marshal Kapil Kak, Sushoba Bharve and Baraua to meet Khalida Shah, Mustafa Kamal and Muzzafar Shah serving continued detention since August 5 at their residence at Moulana Azad Road here. He said the meeting was preceded by heating argument for 20 minutes with cops.

The spokesman said Sinha and his team were briefed by the detained leaders on the ground situation of the state developed after abrogation of Article 370 and bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir state by a unilateral decision taken by the government of India unacceptable to the massive and overwhelming majority of people in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh .
“The people of Jammu and Kashmir will settle for nothing short of the reversal of the revocation of Article 370 to its original form and a settlement of the vexed Kashmir Issue. Enough is enough and war was no answer to this problem where nobody is the winner. The leadership of Jammu and Kashmir are united and will be working as one, irrespective of individual considerations as was exhibited on August 4, 2019 by the Gupkar declaration,” the spokesman said..
He added that the detained leaders stressed upon the urgency of restoring of fundamental rights of the people of Kashmir trampled under the guise of national security. Immediate release of former chief ministers, MLAs, trade unionists, bar association members, business leaders and thousands of youngsters lodged under precarious conditions in and outside jails of Jammu and Kashmir. Keeping a senior Member of Parliament under detention was a blot on democracy. Kashmir has suffered a loss of Rs 20,000 crores due to the childish decision of central government, the spokesman said.
The spokesman added that a detailed discussion was held on the 19-page document released by Begum Khalida Shah establishing that the governor, the government of India, the parliament, nor the president of India can amend, repeal or abrogate Article 370 nor can the state of Jammu and Kashmir be dismembered into union territories.
The spokesman said the prime minister, home minister and Mos in PMO were liable for misleading and misrepresenting of facts on the historic events of J&K State and its relationship with the Union of India under Article 370 made on the floor of Parliament during discussion on the Bill for Abrogation of Article 370 on August 5. The visiting team informed the detained leaders that this document is highly appreciated and is forwarded to all the petitioners and their legal teams challenging abrogation of Article 370 for use before the Supreme Court for the hearing on December 10, the spokesman said.
The NC leader Dr Mustafa Kamal stressed upon Sinha to leave no stone unturned for rescuing 1.4 million children whose future has been put at stake by the Modi government after switching off all internet and online facilities that are the prerequisites for modern Education.
“What is the logic of spending around Rs 300 crores per day on the upkeep of more than eight lakh security forces in Kashmir for countering not more than 200 alleged militants and if everything was normal in Kashmir and the people were happy, then such expenditures are uncalled for when the country was facing one of its worst economic crisis in decades. Muzzafar requested Sinha to bring this to the notice of the people of India at large.
Begum Khalida Shah thanked Sinha for forcing his entry into the state along with his team and taking a firsthand account of the miseries being faced by people of Kashmir. She hoped that the real picture will be put before the proper forums and remedial measures will be undertaken to unravel the truth about Kashmir before the nation and expose the unethical, unconstitutional and undemocratic actions of the BJP Government that is using Kashmir for its vote bank politics which is counterproductive for one and all. The people of Kashmir have exhibited a tremendous maturity by their calm in facing this extraordinary situation in their history and will continue doing so, she said.