Solution to Kashmir Problem

June 20, 2014
Kashmir continues to be on the boil since 1947. The world at large and our friends in particular have lost interest in the dispute so close to our heart. Best of our friends have lost interest in Kashmir because not only that it has become stale and old but under the influence of the western powers all are to adhere to the rules of a globalised world. 

Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan therefore must be enabled to do better so that their people feel good about Pakistan and can help find appropriate and better solutions to Kashmir dispute. There are no permanent friends and only national interests are permanent, and that there is no morality in foreign policy. The only way to find true support in the region and the world is to find what can truly be common with other nations, especially in this part of the world. To solve Kashmir issue, we must have the region and the world with us. Even though India has every time refused to accept outside interlocutors, it is well known that it has accepted outside encouragement by these on various occasions.

India must be made to understand by the international powers that it cannot be secure without settling longstanding disputes with its neighbors. If it wishes to grow as a regional or global power, it has no recourse but to improve relations with its next door nations. Its biggest problem is going to be access to energy. The cheapest energy as the engine of growth can only come through Pakistan, a simple fact of geography. But Pakistan too needs to do something. Ill founded internal and external policies have brought us to a point where plebiscite is almost beyond our reach. Consequently the UN Security Council almost removed Kashmir Dispute from its permanent agenda, when we rescued it back after only herculean efforts. This core dispute at least for now shall have to be decided through multi-faceted, complex diplomatic maneuvers Pakistan should overall define the context and identify Kashmir dispute within proper context and national interests. –