Spell out truth!

Entire Valley is in a state of shock over the mysterious death of two women in Shopian. The post mortem of the bodies has been done but the report is yet to be made public. If the official sources are to be believed, the samples of the two bodies have been sent to forensic laboratory for further investigations and once forensic report is available with the government, the cause of the death would be known. People of the locality seem convinced that the two women have been raped and then killed by the rapists to hide the heinous crime they have committed.

The circumstances also indicate in that direction as there are only few takers of the theory that the women would have drowned in the river and died. Most of the people in the locality raise fingers towards the security forces and accuse them of raping and then killing the duo. Nothing is yet clear and jumping to the conclusions seems unadvisable at the moment. Fact of the matter is that two women have died and died in mysterious circumstances. 

 It is responsibility of the government to probe the issue as quickly as possible and come out with truth behind the tragic incident. If the rape is established, the rapists are to be identified, no matter who they are, and punished under the law of the land. Such crimes can’t be tolerated in a civilized society and the widespread anger over the incident all over should make the authorities realize the urgency to find out the truth behind this incident.

Politics aside, this incident has sent shivers down the spines of all Kashmiris. It has created a fear psychosis all over and the security and safety of womenfolk has emerged as a biggest question mark. In rural Kashmir, women work in fields, orchards, they even go to nearby forests to collect firewood. This is a routine process and has been going on since centuries. But the Shopian incident, where in Neelofar and her sister-in-law, Asiya had gone to nearby orchard and were found dead next morning in mysterious circumstances, is an indication that how seriously the security and safety of Kashmiri women is under threat.

Crimes against women are rampant in Kashmir and the people here have developed a tendency of shutting their eyes to these ugly realities. Need is to wake up and try to find the rot within the system and try to correct it. Shopian incident is an eye opener and also a wake-up call for all. Government needs to gear up its machinery and find out the truth behind the ugly incident.

It is a serious matter and can’t be brushed away by routine official assurances and promises. Whatever is found, from autopsy report to causes of death, need to be made public. The government agencies need to be more transparent and share every detail with the family of the victims and general public. Any delay in reaching out to the truth would be disastrous for the whole Valley which is angry and simmering over the tragic incident.