Stop the ongoing blood bath

The past few days have been troublesome for they have once again brought about a new wave of violence and shattered the dreams of many
As already speculated the much criticized Zuben Mehta’s concert has left long lasting impression on the valleyities. They although were against it from the very beginning, but still they have to become the mute spectators of the concert for the state heads had geared up for the same. As a mark of their protest against this concert, the people had observed a complete shut-down to show their solidarity for those who had lost their lives in the ongoing struggle for freedom. They though had resorted to non-violent means to get themselves heard by the international community, but the unfortunate and fateful incident in which four innocent civilians fell to the bullets of the security forces for no fault of theirs had raised a strong concern regarding the safety of people. If without any cause, they are getting killed and that too at the hands of security forces, who swear to protect them, then who is to be held responsible for the killings. The security forces who have been given unbridled powers to do what they want to or those who have awarded them with such supremacy. This has developed a sheer frustration among the people as they are uncertain and in an ambiguous state as to what they might have to witness in future, for they don’t know about the real nature of those who are there to protect them. The faith of the people that the security forces used to enjoy has been eroded by the incidents of unprovoked firing, custodial deaths and unfair ways of dealing with them.

Every now and then we get to see and experience some inauspicious events that shook the belief of the people in the state administration. The incident of Gagran is no exception to it. First the so-called security forces killed four civilians, which the local police authorities have admitted, and then barely four days after, they shot dead another youth who was on his way to his in-laws house. What was his crime that he had to pay for it by getting killed? This in no way could be termed as justice. Justice in real sense means that no innocent individual should be harmed but the real culprit should be nabbed and tried upon. But what we see in our valley is the exact replica of that. The innocents are getting killed and have to bear the brunt of the authorities which should have been for the perpetrators and lawbreakers in fact. Alas!!!! The future of the valleyities is supposedly going towards despondency and gloominess, keeping these precarious and indefensible conditions in view. 

The conditions have worsened so much that even the mourners are showered with pellets and tear gas shells. Without showing due respect for the innocent lives lost, the security forces go berserk and bring inconsolable losses to the people which they have to live with. This might be the only part of the country where mourners are attacked resulting in more causalities and further deepening the hatred and detestation among the people towards the authorities. Time and again raising the demand to put an end to the problem of growing human rights violation cases proved to be futile and kept on increasing. Unfortunately by now it has reached alarming proportions and there hardly seems to be any end to it. Caging the people in their homes, banning internet services, gauging local media, and above all thwarting them on one pretext or other from enjoying their basic human and fundamental rights have become the grave concerns for the people which also could be termed as the deadly attributes of the present day authorities. It is ironical that even the constitutional rights that have been conferred upon every individual of the nation seem to hold no value in this state. But what is held in high esteem are the draconian laws like AFSPA, PSA etc. They are followed with letter and spirit for maintaining law and order while curbing the individual rights. 

Kashmiris have been facing this disastrous phase of violence for last two decades and there has hardly been any improvement towards the path to progress. The spate of violence has given rise and in turn encouraged, the feeling of being alienated, among the people of the valley, which has become the main cause of revolt against the authorities. The struggle towards the path of self-determination has met a lot of set-backs but still the spirit of Kashmiriat refuses to die down and continues its struggle to achieve the dream of a prosperous and flourishing state. The state government with its contradictory policies needs to show humility and humbleness towards the aspirations of the people. It should concentrate all its efforts towards protecting the precious human lives which is also its prime responsibility and should book all the culprits who are responsible for bringing a bad name to it. Ensuring safety as well as providing equal avenues of growth for all could work towards making people contended with the efforts of the system and would definitely earn a good name for times to come.

Author is B.Tech-MBA from Lovely Professional University, Punjab (India). Email: