Stop using arms against unarmed

Kashmir has become the only place in the whole world where bullet firing over the protecting mob has become an unending custom. Innocents and victims have only one way to awaken the exploiters and that is through protest but irony in Kashmir is that when ever they raise their voices in favour of any aggrieved they get bullets in return. I am very apologetic to say that even Britishers were not so cruel over freedom fighters of India. Can any body answer me why Kashmiri blood is treated as water. Is Kashmiri blood so cheap that when ever any body wants he can easily waste it. Is this the fate of Kashmiris that on being asking for justice for the molestation of their innocent minor daughters they are brutally killed? Recent incident of cruelty in Handwara area where four innocents including Jhangir, Nayeem Qadir, Mohammed Iqbal and Raj begum were killed merely just because they are demanding for the arrest of the alleged culprit who has molested a minor in Handawara town. Here I am unable to understand one thing that what is our administration for, why K.A.S and I.P.S are deputed to tackle the Kashmir law and order where time and again they fail to tackle. As we all know the sensitive atmosphere of valley so in the very onset administration should make the arrest of alleged in order to satisfy the mob but they wait until two or three Kashmiri get killed. Sorry to say but this way of tackling the issue further multiplies the unrest.

Life is one of the most Cherishable gifts of All Mighty Allah, to the entire breathing world and it is out of our ambit to even reimburse an equivalent gratitude to Him for it. God has bent human being, as a most superior mortal, to rule the enduring creature of this globe with his modesty, courtesy, adore, empathy, benevolence an over all justifiable approach to wards them and towards each other. But I am sorry to say that all the above mentioned traits which God has imbibed in us have diminished some where. The most living example of injustice, brutality, barbarism, wilderness, abhorrence and exploitation of human to human, is our Kashmir. Our Kashmir has been burning with the blood of Kashmiri people, as a fuel for past 60 years. Here I want to ask question that, is for this purpose, Kashmiri mothers are giving birth to their sons? Is for this purpose,Kashmiri mothers are struggling hard for up bringing of their loving sons? Is for this purpose, they save penny to penny for higher education of their sons? Is for this purpose, she linked her dreams and aspirations with her son to come true, when he would grow up and become an officer? Sorry to say but to live in pool of tears, soreness, distress, disquiet and melancholy, have become a perpetual fate of Kashmiri mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives. Kashmiri people remain under a risk of killing during any peace full demonstrations, suspicion killings, stage encounters or fake encounters.

This story dates back to 1947, when the then Prime Minister Pandit Nehru of India  promised to held a plebe cite to ascertain the will of people of Jammu & Kashmir . But to our bad luck, he breached us in his promise and sowed a seed of insurgency in the hearts of Kashmiri people. After that, time and again Kashmiri raised their voices for their right and in return got bullets on their chests. In order to squash the rightful voice of Kashmiri people, government of India has filled the land of Kashmir with ample number armed troops. As per the written records, there are around 700000 to 1000000 Indian troops installed over 14 million inhabitants of J&K, which is the highest ratio than any place in the world, as said by most famous Indian writer Arundhati Roy . Irony over this is that the armed forces are further fortified by Armed forces special powers Act (AFSPA). This insulation to army has opened all the sides of exploitations for naive Kashmiri people. Cosseted under the umbrella of AFSPA armed personnel have crossed all the confines of viciousness, barbarism and prejudice.

Time and again, these armed personnel have opened firing over peaceful mob. Time and again, they have kidnapped many young children and encounter them by declaring them militants. Time and again, they have picked many young people on mere suspicion and put them behind bars with wrong charges on them. Time and again, they have assaulted, battered raped and killed adolescent Kashmiri girls. Time and again, they have scratched the wounds of Kashmiri people and cause them to bleed copiously. Time and again, their illegal, barbaric and wild approach pained the Kashmiri people and compelled them to pick gun in spite of pen. It is because of these prohibited acts of Armed personnel that insurgency multiplied to infinity in valley and turned the pages of Kashmir history, red by the blood of blameless Kashmiri people.

The most recent examples of innocent killings in Kashmir are of a 19 years 0ld Danish Farooq and 22 years Shaista Hamid of Kaka Pora. They were brutally killed during cross firing. In addition to this a 20 years old Farooq Ahamed Bhat son of Ghulam Ahamed Bhat of Palhalan area of district Baramulla was also shot dead by Govt. forces during a peace full agitation. Thing to ponder here is that all were innocent civilians. Who will answer about this heinous act? This is not the only unlawful butchery at the hand of security forces, but there are ample of unjustifiable and unlawful examples of killings in Kashmir. It would not be wrong to say that hands of Armed personal are red with the blood of innocent Kashmiri people. As per the written records out of 43460 Kashmiri people 3642 were civilians who have been assassinated by security forces for last 21 years (Times of India).

Old eyes of parents have turned dry now, lips forget to smile in the unending pursuit of nears and dears, who have been murdered, disappeared, slaughtered, encountered or charged .If I will unfold the history of exploitation of Kashmir than every one’s heart will start bleeding profusely in pain but even then here are some most shame and condemnable act of our Armed personals. In June, 2010 Indian army personnel claimed to kill Pakastani infiltrator but later in it was revealed to be a case of fake encounter in which some army personal lured three young men from Nadihal village of Baramulla and killed them in an encounter at Sona Pindi. Another shame full act of security forces was the killing of three civilians in Kupwara district by declaring them militants. Actually they were from Rafiabad and were shot dead to claim cash awards. Moving a head on 11th June, 2010 innocent massacre of a 17 years old Tufail Ahmed Matto have further multiplied demonstrations in down town area of kashmir and ended with the criminal carnage of 110 young Kashmiri sons.

The above mention examples constitute only a single drop from the ocean of exploitation. It is quite pertinent to mention here that Kashmiri people are even devoid of their fundamental rights. Because Article 19(1)(a) of Indian constitution give full freedom to every Indian to assemble serenely and with out arms. Armed forces in no case can use live ammunition to disband the mob. But here in Kashmir Armed forces are infringing law. Irony over this is that central as well as state supervision is hushed over this. In spite of putting ointment over the scars of Kashmiri people, they sprinkle salt on them and set valley on ablaze again and again .After going through the stipulation in kashmir, my heart is howling with questions like-

(1) When will this conflagration end?
(2) Who will save our juvenile from illicit killing?
(3) When will  Kashmiri people would be able to enjoy all fundamental civil liberties?
(4) When plebe cite will be held according to pledge?
(5) When and who will sooth the aggrieved hearts of Kashmiri people?
(6) When Kashmiri girls can move liberally and saved in Kashmir valley?
(7) When will armed personnel stop inflicting pain by unauthorized confinement and then encounter of innocents?
(8) When will tranquility and affluence, knock the doors of our striking Kashmir?