Struggling against the subjugation

The unrelenting struggle against oppression and tyranny to which the valites have become accustomed since the time immemorial can be cannot be estimated without a glance to the innumerable graves of martyrs. The valley have departed through a number of miserable phases e.g. before the Indian occupation as the innocence of ours has been exploited by the Afgani’s Sikhs and Dogra’s who teared our flesh and ransacked our innocence but no one was in such a position to stand against that brutality and barbarism. After the 1947 the world’s so-called democracy has left no stone unturned to victimize us to such an extent to which the past oppressors have not loomed their wicked hands. The valley have met with an unfortunate survival throughout its age, for the purpose of taking a fresh breath it has sacrificed its sons without a pause of bloodshed as some were slaughtered in front of their kins, others have been denied the burial in their mother land. Many were fattened inside the jails and innumerable were dumped in unidentified graves. The fake encounters ant curfews have became an order of day. In addition the disappearance acted as salt on already wounds which can be observed from the tears of their helpless parent’s wives and children. 
The world’s major democratic state have created a history of denying the basic rights to its alleged integral part and is acting on the lines of communal hatred and a type of neo-colonialism in its worst form. The brutal execution of Bhat, Guru and Mudasir has now emerged as an inspiration towards the revival of freedom movement and furthering the tragic sagas of sacrifices. The forced denial of Shaheed Guru’s body with that of Shaheed Bhat and shocking murder of Mudasir is haunting the souls of Kashmir’s and is acting as an emotional factor of anger towards the Hindu barbarism. From its very beginning the whole democratic establishment of India is showing a worst bias and discrimination not only against Kashmir’s but also against the minority Muslim populations of its own country which resulted in the rape of whole democratic ethic. As Guru was denied a fair trial to prove his innocence and a chance to meet his relatives, his family is still waiting for his remnants but hopelessly which have left many questions to be answered by the Indian government tainted by the dark marks on its vicious face. Before Guru’s execution it has also been reported that he was forced to drink petrol and beaten up ruthlessly by jail authorities. While on the one side they have not yet rewarded punishment to the red handed rapists and murderers, but on the other side our organs are being regularly imputed without any illegal charges which are resulting in deflation of Human rights and burial of justice. 

The reckless and shady ministers or in other terms the merchants of human blood are all time busy in strengthening their political elites by letting the masses on the brink of mercy. 

These politicians are acting as the play cards in the hands of Indian administration for the cause of minister ships on the cast of blood of innocents which last year was severely condemned by Geelani by spreading a mass massage of boycotting the tricky elections which are nothing but meant to justifying the false democratic establishment of state which in reality is obsessed by corruption and oriental despotic methods for suppressing the voices of oppressed. No one whether that will be international community or international human rights organization are in a position to sue these offenders in the courts of law for their brutality and unjust treatment of the valites. It can be said that they are certainly determined to destroy the roots of ongoing struggle by creating uncounted hardships to the masses by using the vicious methods of violence. 

In addition Afzal’ execution after Bhat have been accepted by their own people a grave blunder, an act of satisfying their “collective conscience” and not for any act of terrorism tainted their paper democracy and secularism with barbaric communalism the big example of which is the demolishment of the Baabri Masjid whose big slice became the inheritance of majority Hindu community. If India is declaring itself a republic why it is not able to merge peacefully the North-Eastern states where much of the areas are in a tendency to secede from the Indian union and for the purpose of curbing this tendency their inhabitants also became victims of brutal repression under the draconian laws. The serial executions of Kashmir’s by Indian establishment are watch words that they are in a mode of eradicating the every thorn which will come in their way of crush the confrontation. But it must be remembered that the martyrs during the whole history have become symbols of struggle and are psychologically much prone to the cycle of violence’s because the persons akin to Bhat and Guru have always acted as the inspirations for further resistances against the tyrannies and anguishes. The Martyrs whosoever are being preached as heroes’ by their people and the examples of this phenomenon are being recurrently beaten by the Indians when they are celebrating the days of martyrs ship of Baghat Sing, Sukh Dev, Chander Shekhar and Raj guru who were hanged by the Britishers, but their deaths instead of leading towards the containment of crisis escalated the resistance against the British occupation. 

The cyclic violation of human rights and the consistent state of justice denial coupled with unending occupation is a never-ending factor of anger and distrust and is increasing more so every day against the arrogant neo-colonial establishment of India, but insha ALLAH according to the rule of history this occupation like other past empires will decay from inside and upon that the consistent the sacrifices will led to the overthrow of the shackles of slavery. 

Author is a research scholar at the department of political science R. D. University Jabalpur and can be mailed at: