Students stage protest, demand justice for Kathua victim

Students from different colleges in Srinagar took to streets Saturday demanding justice for eight-year-old nomad girl who was raped and murdered mercilessly in Kathua.
The students raised anti-government slogans and demanded capital punishments for the culprits. “This has become an international issue now; we stand in solidarity with minor. This is a warning for those black sheeps that exist in every community,” said Aaqib Renzoo Shah, a youth leader.
Shah said that the “trend has changed now as we have been labeled as terrorists but now we have come on a platform and are raising our voices for the justice.”
The students demanded judicial probe to be shifted to Srinagar from Jammu “as we don’t believe the probe there”.
“We want the case to be shifted to High Court, Srinagar because we have no trust on the judiciary of Jammu because where lawyers are supporting the culprits what should we expect,” he said.
Moreover, the students also demanded license cancellation of the lawyers who stood to protect the culprits.
“All we want is the guilty to be hanged because we don’t want to hit roads on every occasion, we want it once and hang them publicly only then justice will prevail,” he said.

“Those who are doing politics on such brutality is a shame because tomorrow it can be their daughter as well,” Shah said.
Students also urged the government to reopen the cases that happened have happened before this incident.

“Not a single village has been left without rapes and assaults and we want the previous cases to be reopened because prevailing justice is the only way to win Kashmiris’ trust,” he said.
They termed the act as heinous crime, stating that a minor was raped continuously for four days, “said Hiba, a student from Women’s College, Srinagar.