Surrogates of New Delhi The Hindustan times leadership summit

Surrogates of New Delhi
                                The Hindustan times leadership summit
                                                         Surrogates offer their wombs to deliver for others. They take every care to  nourish and nurture the baby of their master. Here too we have surrogates    in politics, who  keep their conscience pawned to their colonial masters. Re-incarnated as Jaffars of Bengal and Sadiqs of Mysore they exude  vicarious pleasure at the way their nation and their brethren are being sucked in deep humiliation and subjected to repression. Driven by the sole lust of power and fortunes they don’t Feel ashamed in acting as villains and    pool ion their energies to gouge into  the walls of resistance and raze it to the ground. Nestled in opportunism and armed in double-speak they peck holes in the unity of our nation. Split into character they weave two faces. And lay the ‘honey trap’ to fasten the “prey” into perpetual subjugation. Dipped  into the well of their own darkness , they want others to follow them suit. They want Muslim majority state get “ Shudee Karan” and “clinch the issue, once for all”.
                Hindustan Times Leadership Summit once again lay bare the fangs of the Indian mainstream political groups from Kashmir. The summit revealed that whatever their differences, when it comes to Kashmir  both the regional parties, The NC and the PDP, behave as Indian stooges and are on the same page. The speeches  of former CM Dr. Farooq Abdullah  , presently holding the post of Union Mister for Renewable Energy , and Mehbooba Mufti, the PDP president, amply demonstrate their common denominator, the        hunger for power and subtle tactics in giving a distorted version of the resistance movement in Kashmir.
                Every effort by Mehbooba was made to mislead the audience and create the impression that it was just for opening trade and travel routes and getting a share in resources that Kashmiris were up  on their toes against mighty Indians. And once that ‘problem’ gets solved, people in Kashmir would fold the tents of ‘rebellion’ and “embrace” India.
                Throughout in her detailed written speech, the PDP leader never for once gave an oblique  reference to the right of self determination the Kashmiris are struggling for and the Un resolutions in that direction and above all Indian pledge for plebiscite.  She maintained a deliberate silence on the   colossal sacrifices Kashmiris have offered in terms of blood, honor, loss of property. She even skipped over the killing of 121 people, mostly in their teen, in last year’s uprising. She sealed her mouth on  the findings  of State Human Rights Commission regarding unnamed mass-graves. She didn’t    talk of ‘exploitative nature’  of New Delhi and East-India type mentality of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation {NHPC}. She didn’t flagellated her chest on Shopian rape and murder . She zipped her lips on the curtailment of activities of pro-movement forces denying them the political space. The octogenarian  Geelani’s virtual confinement and converting his residence in police thana she didn’t mention. The sword of public safety Act hanging on people of Kashmir, that has made the mockery of human dignity and converted Kashmir into a police camp she forgot to give a brief to the audience. And on draconian AFSPA {Armed Force Special Power  Act}  , she sang her own melodious song.
                All what flowed from the lips of Mehbooba had no resonance with what she usually identifies herself within Kashmir and tries to intrude into the political turf of the resistance camp. In Delhi, at   the Hindustan Times Summit she was overzealous in being seen in the attire of  New Delhi