TeH pays tribute to slain militants

Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai while paying tributes to militants killed in Shopian: Rahil Rashid and Bilal Ahmed, said the precious human blood is being spilt in Kashmir every day. In a statement, TeH Chairman said, “Every day Kashmiris are getting killed and becoming the target of the unresolved Kashmir conflict, which is very sad and painful.” He said the Kashmir conflict, one of the longest standing disputes in the world, is continuing since seven decades leaving behind tragic stories, wails and screams and thousands of untold stories.
He said it is unfortunate that everyone is watching all these happenings as mute spectators. No one comes to the rescue of people and it looks that humanity no longer exists in the world. The international community is also turning deaf ears towards the Kashmir issue which otherwise can raise questions on the brazen human rights violations in Kashmir, he said.

Sehrai said that Kashmiri people had always sought a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute through the dialogue and as per the wishes of people of Kashmir, but India is adamant that it would settle the issue through military might by suppressing the voice of Kashmiri people for their internationally recognized right to self-determination. “It is the high time the UN secretary general takes a step forward and appoints a special representative to explore a viable solution to this festering conflict and ensure lasting peace and stability in the region,” he said.