“Thanks Janab, I am short of words”.

Agreed, we may not be able to stop men in uniform from crossing their domain and writing our destiny with bullets and pallets but we can still contribute much more than what we are doing today to ensure a better tomorrow for our coming generation

It was 11:15 PM, October, 26th, a friend of mine Whatsapped the list of newly approved degree colleges, and shockingly Langate was missing in the list. I wasted no time in contacting Chief Secretary Mr. B. V. R. Subrahmanyam, and expressed my deep displeasure and disappointment for ignoring the genuine demand of people of Langate by depriving them from the Degree College. Though Chief Secretary assured me that justice will be done, but next day was the last working day in the civil secretariat and my frustration and discomfort was all time high. I explained all my reservations to Mr. Subrahmanyam and he asked me to wait for few minutes.

Around 11:50 PM he informed me through the whatsapp message that he has called Principal Secretary Finance and other members of High Power Committee to his place to look into the matter. My anxiety was deepening. At 12:10 AM Chief Secretary send me the message which read “The High Power Committee Headed by Principal Secretary Finance Naveen Kumar Chowdhary after taking a holistic review of the operationalization of New Degree colleges this evening approved New Degree College for Langate, in District Kupwara also”. The only reply I could send was “Thanks Janab, I am short of words”.

Please don’t be under any illusion, nor draw conclusions that I am praising the current dispensation or the Chief Secretary. I remind the esteemed readers that on more than one occasion I went public against the behavior of Chief Secretary and criticized his certain policies which I thought were against the interests of people of state, especially Kashmiris.

However, if one could call a spade a spade we should also have the courage to praise and give credit to those with whom we may be often disagreeing. Neither Chief Secretary needs a certificate of excellence from me nor do I require his permission to raise issues of public importance, or praise him just to get some legitimate work done for my people.

But the fact is that when the system is so rotten, voices go unheard and nepotism gets legalized, if someone understands the urgency of issues and significance to give justice to people he should be encouraged and praised. Let there be no doubt about the fact that I will not hesitate for a second to go all out against the Chief Secretary or anyone else if my conscience demands same from me, just the next moment.

While I have been a strong critic of Government for dislodging the local officers especially those from KPS and KAS, I don’t feel hesitated in appealing the local bureaucracy to learn lesson from the above incident. The way chief secretary has been on his toes from the day one, even if his designs and decisions may on occasions have serious ramifications on our sentiments and rights, we should admire his commitment and stamina.

While no one can deny the significance of political dispute of J&K but to provide masses best possible governance has to be the prime agenda of every public servant from Chowkidar to Chief Secretary. Let our local bureaucrats introspect and confess that most of them have often disappointed their own people, despite they often pretend to be much closer to the sentiments and aspirations of the masses. It is a bitter truth that while trying to be more loyal than the king, the local bureaucrats often avoid resolution to petty issues giving excuses that their loyalty is always doubtful before New Delhi.

It is undoubtedly true but nobody stops them from listening to the grievances of their people, taking prompt action, coordinating with each other and taking day to day problems to the logical end. Unless we all do not introspect and revisit our behavior we may just get engaged in passing the buck and indulge in blame game. The problem what masses in our state face is not only that they have to pay huge bribes to get their minor issues resolved but the real concern is that even after paying the bribe, the problem remains unresolved, and Babu’s just fabricate excuses.

Of course there is no dearth of honest officers but it may not help if they don’t dispose of things within stipulated time and understand the urgency of delivering justice. Let us all understand that to compete with the modern needs and requirements, we all need to change.