The Black day

untold saga of ruthless compulsion on Kashmiris


On this unfortunate day, Indian and Pakistani army took control of Kashmir and the Kashmir cauldron was born. Nobody had ever thought what was in store for this land which was sold out for just 75 lakh Rupees along with the people, streams and meadows. Although, prior to 27th October, 1947 the condition of people was not good, yet they were burdened with military seize.


On Oct 27, 1947 three Dakotas of 12 the sgn of RIAF with troops from Ist Sikh Regiment landed in the valley. Prior to the date, Kashmiris had never witnessed so much of bloodshed, atrocities, uncertainties and a threat to their very existence as they are today behest with. The day gave birth to saga of bloodshed, violence, conspiracies, treacheries and a host of remote controlled Governments. The voices of dissent and reason were muzzled ruthlessly in both sides of Kashmir.


The day will be remembered as the darkest day in the history of Kashmir which bought with it untold pain and distress. Many nations emerged many vanished but Kashmir continued to be a troubled spot where mayhem continued unabated, where humanity is on cross roads and there seems no end to the proble.


Today many people describe Lord Mountbatten’s Oct 27 communication with Hari Singh, J.L.Nehru’s Oct 28, 1947 broadcat to his nation promising plebiscite under UN auspices and Indian’s taking of Kshmir case to UN on Jan 1st, 1948 as a major mistake.


At last I have only one thing to say “ Kashmir problem has assumed volcanic dimensions and needs to be addressed on priority basis if Humanity is to saved .