The bruised Childhood of Kashmir

“A Nation’s Welfare depends upon the prosperity of its children”

We define minor as a living human usually in his teenage more specifically 16 or less than 16 years. Just after the infancy, starts the minor age of a human being. This age is associated with innocence and grooming of childhood. How a nation shapes its minors on that paradigm depends the future of that very nation. Being a Kashmiri , I think the day our nations sovereignty is plundered and snatched , the same day we the children of conflict have lost our child hood “ curse to occupation “

Unfortunately, revolutionary circumstances prevailing in the Kashmir over the past several decades have not even spared the “Childhood”. The state repression has come with its full force over the children of this deadly conflict zone. Virtually India has waged war against minor revolutionaries of the wounded paradise.

On this global Children Day, we are reminded of horrible scenes .We are reminded of so many young toddlers being beaten to death by merciless men in uniform. We are reminded of constant fear on the faces of our minors.

This year we were heartened by the images of minors being flocked to jails and brought to courts and examination centers in a quiet disgraceful manner by the state forces. The minors on account of alleged involvement in revolutionary activities were subjected to third degree torture .How sham it is for a country that claims herself to be the biggest democracy of globe and boasts of having high morals of loving and catering to young souls.

Probably, after the Nazi Germany, our part of the world is the only places were minors have faced such an unprecedented state brunt. A minor having revolutionary thought is seen as an “Enemy of Nation” by the state and its institutions and is constantly threatened and mentally tortured. Out of state fear, even other parents fear to make their child accustomed with a revolutionary minor .The state even after releasing a minor constantly perpetrates violence on him, as they have to constantly report to their concerned police stations wherein they are humiliated and tortured.This is unknown to any criminal justice system in the world that a person is arrested for want of others surrender " a worst kind of human exchange policy ", but the same happens in Kashmir , as the father/ brother is arrested to force a son / brother to surrender

Indian state might be the rare state wherein the minors, especially the minors of Kashmir have often reported evil deeds like sodomy reported against them. The state has left no stone unturned to turn the childhood of our minors into a virtual nightmare. By hook or crook you have to be a conformist and should remain dumb over the brutalities of the state otherwise the norm has been to crush the innocence and logical rebellion of minor.

One is only dumbfounded by the revelation that state machinery slaps unthinkable charges like “War against nation” against the minor souls of Kashmir.

On the other side of the spectrum, even if the bail is granted the police does not honor the orders of judiciary. The judiciary is made defunct by the villain’s of police department. For a Kashmiri these minors represent hope i.e. the urge for freedom has passed on to next generation in spite of all state terror tactics being employed by the state to quell the sentiment of freedom.According to section 18 of juvinyle justice act , a minor is to be released on bail on the very first day of production before court with or without sureties . According to the same section a juvenile can be sent to juvenile home if required but the role of police is to be minimized by court by handing over the minor to in-charge juvinile home but the same is not complied with , instead it is police personal who administer minors even when they are sent to juvenile home thus putting the minors at risk .

On this children day, India over its track record in Kashmir has shamed the noble institution of childhood by unleashing very possible brutal measure over the minors of Kashmir. The conscience of India should wake up from the slumber and let dawn of freedom and liberty spread its wings over the browbeaten land of Kashmir.