The day Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir lost identity and Nationhood.

 Witnessed to planned demographic changes and genocidal designs of an aged occupied Nation by colonial RSS government of India.

I reached my destination in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir on June 14, 2019. The prevailing conditions were usual with occupation forces seen at various corners of the traveled roads and in bunkers constructed at strategic areas of the occupied land.

An eerie feeling of doom and gloom was expressed by people when one had a chance to converse with them. Increased psychological pressure on the minds of people was apparent due to various rumors floating around regarding the new colonial steps to be taken by the RSS government in Delhi. 

An atmosphere of uncertainty was created weeks before the 5th of August 2019. Statements were made by various Indian authorities particularly by the colonial Governor Mr. Satyapal Malik to the effect that something sinister was going to happen on August 5, 2019. Panic spread amongst the public when posts appeared on Social media indicating that the current status of occupied Jammu and Kashmir was about to change for worse though the colonial Governor was quick to refute this news and therefore intentionally lying. 

One could see the public lined up at gas stations and grocery stores to stock up for coming uncertain times.
This uncertain and gloomy situation became dire when colonial authorities issued warning of a security threat by imaginary terrorists and forced outsiders including tourists, laborers and Amarnath yatries to leave Jammu and Kashmir immediately. These authorities sent police to force these people out of the state. This was a Jagmohan scenario all over again. It is said that the Indian plan was to massacre thousands of innocent people who they expected to come out on the streets of Jammu and Kashmir after they imposed a total blockade.

On August 4, 2019, at 11.45 pm local time were telephones and internet connections were severed and a general curfew and article 144 imposed on entire Jammu and Kashmir.

Then came the fateful day of August 5, 2019, much like the other black days in Kashmir’s history: March 16. 1846  when Treaty of Amritsar was signed and Jammu and Kashmir was sold by British rulers of India to Gulab Singh, April, 1865 the time of the  first Uprising against the Dogra rule, the massacre of July 13, 1931 when Kashmiri Muslims protesting Dogra oppression were murdered while giving call for burial prayer and October 27, 1947 when a phony and illegal accession to India and military occupation of Jammu and Kashmir took place.
The actions of August 5. 2019 by the openly fascist Government of India were a culmination of its physical and psychological oppression of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.  On this day, the people of Jammu and Kashmir were completely dehumanized; their national identity, their dignity and their right to their land were ripped away. A viceroy with the title of Lieutenant Governor was imposed on Jammu and Kashmir  

In days following August 5,  during my stay of 2 months under blockade, I witnessed brutal and inhumane actions of Indian occupation forces which took a huge emotional and psychological toll on me and my family.
Imagine the mental stress one would be subjected to when stripped of one`s identity, dignity, freedom to protest and frankly right to exist.

1. I witnessed in ensuing days tear gas shells raining down outside our residence for hours more than once.
2. Beating and arrests of people whose only crime was to be out on the street or simply being in their backyard.
3. The humiliation of people who were randomly picked up and beaten and kicked indiscriminately before shoving them in cage-like vehicles. 

4. Children of 10 to 12 years of age arrested while getting out of their houses.
5. Parents getting picked up by occupation police from their homes on made-up charges against their children.
6. Collective punishment of people when brutal Indian occupation forces went on a rampage using tear gas, beating and arresting people and going into inner localities and breaking window glasses destroying vehicles and any other property insight.
7. Rows of houses that were covered with sheets of cloth to cover the windows broken by the occupation forces. 
8. Schools and college buildings occupied by Indian forces for their residence.
9. Use of pelt guns and live ammunition on demonstrating public.
10. The wholesale crackdown of locals particularly villages and destruction of property and arrests of people including children.
11. Hauling of prisoners to prisons in India like Agra, Baraily and other places.
12. Psychological and physical torture of held innocent people.
13. The number of people arrested is unknown as reported numbers vary between 20000 to 60000. The recently courted number is 13000 mostly consisting of young individuals. Police have been indulging in raids and picking up young males and male children and subjecting them to torture. This is particularly prevalent in villages. 
14. Challenging international media like BBC and Al-Jazeera on broadcasting about Indian atrocities like using pellet guns and live ammunition in Soura public demonstration.

15. The arrested individuals consist of members of Bar like Bar president Mian Abdul Qayoom, Civil Society members like Dr. Muneeb Shah, Mr. Yasin Khan, Mr. S qalandar and many others.

16. The interesting part of these arrests is that the quislings who were puppets for Occupation Indian governments have been also arrested for yet not known colonial purposes.
17. There are reports of the Indian army has mobilized forces with tanks and artillery and created war-like conditions for local populations. This has been seen prominently in peripheral areas like Kupwara, Gulmarg and Yousmarag areas. I personally have seen columns of army vehicles including armored vehicles moving all over the occupied area. Gurez with a local population of 14000 has a presence of about 130000 Indian army personnel.

18. I have witnessed a long blockade and shutdown in which there is no public transport and access to vital services like hospitals practically impossible. There is a shortage of essential medicines and people are turned away from local hospitals. I visited a major local hospital in Srinagar city and was surprised to see the hospital wards nearly empty supporting the fact that patients are keeping away from health facilities because of a lack of essential drugs and other services not being available. I did, however, experience inhalation of teargas fumes while in the hospital compound. These teargas shells were raining down in a nearby locality.

19. There was a stark absence of other essential public services as well.
20. It is very obvious that this is taking a toll on the public and there is anxiety, depression, mental stress and an increase in psychological ailments.

21. I did observe however clarity in the minds of people more than before in the understanding that they have to enhance their freedom struggle as it was the only option.