Many of us must be remembering the good old days when we, as little students were asked to write an essay on Cow. All of us were probably unaware as to who promoted this idea of writing on “holy animal”. To make it unsuspecting, sometimes essays on a horse & ox were also included in our curricula .I remember one of my cousins burning his mid-night oil helping me to memorize –Cow has four legs, two eyes, two ears etc. etc. and also having once been reprimanded by a Pandith Teacher for an uncharitable comment of attributing the dirt in my alley to a cow.
Thank God, a cow, brown in color (Kachir gaw in vernacular) has now made her entry into an institution of higher learning. Preparing hard for her ensuing examinations she, as a preparatory exercise, was asked to pen down an essay about Kashmiri politicians. Protected by all types of laws at national & State level, she was instructed to write truth and call spade a spade without any fear of censure or admonishment. Here is her essay:

Kashmiri politicians can be sub-divided into two groups- Mainstream & Pro-freedom politicians. While each member of the mainstream politicians apparently possesses normal organs meant for a human being but in actuality each has four hands- the extra two meant to loot & plunder public Exchequer. 

Otherwise how can one explain the astronomical wealth acquired by a political family who were once dependant even for a paltry amount of Rs. 150/- per month for kitchen expenses? (Nidai-Haq by Munshi Mohammad Ishaq)Each one of them possess only one eye & ear with which they see & hear only what New-Delhi wants them to see & hear. Each of them has a tongue which is barred from wagging against India even when its trigger-happy soldiers pounce upon unarmed demonstrators to clobber and batter them, to annihilate them methodically and systematically.

The ruling elite from the mainstream class has always been appointed or supported by the outside power of Delhi. Most of them are created out of whole cloth by the New Delhi. A former Governor of the State Sh. B.K.Nehru in his book “Nice guys finish second” has said " Chief Ministers of J&K have been nominees of Delhi. Their appointment to that post was legitimised by the holding of farcical and totally rigged elections in which Delhi’s nominee was elected by huge majorities." These politicians are more skilled at negotiating up, to the authorities in Delhi, than they are at negotiating down, to their people. They rule their people not through negotiations but by force and bribery. Most of them (some say few-which is a matter of debate) are on payrolls of Indian army as testified by former Indian Army chief & now a Minster in Modi Cabinet. Few of them (but if accepted standard ratio of those caught to total involved in moral crimes is applied, then many of them) have even been involved in sex scandals but let off on political considerations as corruption & concessions have always been a quid pro quo for their promoting New-Delhi’s agenda in Kashmir. 

As far as their vocation is concerned, they are simply water-carriers for the forces of oppression & supression. For them, the only criterion to survive is to remain glued to power bestowed by New-Delhi even if it means to play a mercenary role for them. 
As far as the pro-freedom class is concerned-less said the better. They were the product of a genuine aspirational movement of people tasked to take the freedom movement to its logical conclusion. But they turned out to be highly egoist humans & fell apart midway without any concern for the people & their sacrifices made over years. They even didn’t take lessons from we class of animals living in a stable in complete harmony & peace and when fed by the cowherd in a common wooden tub (Tathul in vernacular) consuming feed without any one of us having a grudge or grievance. 

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