The gunfight leaves a minor girl and her family in trauma

The encounter at Samboora in which Jaish commander was killed left two minor sisters and their ailing mother in a state of trauma.
Monisa, 10, her elder sister, Rukeena and mother, Shakeela were trapped inside their house, about three meters from the encounter site.
Monisa was still shivering today and on seeing people visit their house, she started crying.
“We were already in bed when some people were beaming light into our room. They then made a noise and we were frightened. I informed my father, who asked me not to worry as these may be nomadic Gujjar, who may have lost their way,” she said.
Monisa said soon the forces personnel knocked the door of their house and asked all the family members to come out and conducted searches of every room.
Her father Abdul Rashid said they were kept on the veranda. “All of us were shivering with fear and cold”.
He said he was moved by the plight of his daughters and wife, who had recently underwent a head surgery for tumour, and pleaded with force personnel to let them go inside their house.
“They were let in but directed to lay flat on the floor,” Rashid said.
Monisa said once the gunfight started, they feared that the house would collapse and they would get buried under it.
“She said when the windowpanes of house fell due to impact of loud explosions, we decided to move to safer place. We had to retreat after troops sent us back to our house,” she said.
The house has been damaged and all its windowpanes broken. The clothes, the utensils and other things were lying scattered in the debris.
Monisa was more concerned about her school bag and heaved a sigh of relief after finding it from the debris.