The Humiliated Daughters

Today in the heavens mother of all human beings the Eve must be crying. She must be cursing the whole humanity for what is happening among them. She might be cursing them for the killings, rapes, burgle, eye teasing and other immoral activities. She must be thinking that why a brother is a murderer of his brother, why a brother is teasing and raping his sister, why a powerful one is depriving the rights of his poor fellow and why a person is stopping another by his force to express his emotions. Being the mother of all human creation the Eve must be crying whenever her children faced or facing any atrocity. This gruesome situation must be pinching her soul and must be making her forlorn. She left her children in a scrupulous environment but it is her children who preferred to disgust and to be pitiless. Of course her education was a universal dose for all such activities but the avaricious needs of humans made her thoughts a forgotten history.

Whatever happened here on this earth is the outcome of greedy aspirations of a man. It is fact, that a single member of this mankind lonely is not responsible for such negative developments but the whole system is exercising cruelty on the innocent humanity. Human being is cruel and the whole humanity is facing his cruelty, human being is greedy the whole humanity is paying for it and it is a human being who erected the concrete hurdles in the path of morality. So the whole system is responsible for this degradation of morality and defamation of humanity. Humans are targeting the grace of humanity with the ugliness of their obnoxious characters. Vandalizing characters and wrecking efforts yield nothing than the shame because they spoil the image of innocence. Many shameful, heinous and coward incidents happened not only shook the soul of humanity but also knocked the conscience of slept morale. Many who condemn such acts should check their inner in order to verify their hidden image. We in our day to day life hear and see many immoral activities but cannot resist, because certain feelings and certain threats stop us from doing so.

Recently in the Indian capital Delhi and a young girl was gang raped while travelling in a local bus by some villains and left her in a serious condition. They fled from the spot after injuring her very severely. The girl, who indeed is a daughter and a sister of someone, became the target of shameful and heinous attack committed by goons in the face of humanity. Every one irrespective of its caste, creed, region, religion and color came forward with a strong feeling and a strict voice in order to condemn this act. It was not the case of a single girl but was an attack on the face of innocence and humanity. People from all walks of life came on streets with a genuine anger against the attackers but this is a human being who did this job and in turn condemns this. Whom to blame and whom to curse? Everyone should weigh his or her thoughts. The Delhi girl was an innocent and a lone character in this whole drama, what was her mistake, why was she ruthlessly attacked and taunted and why was her character stolen by the goons and disparaged her innocence. Are only these hooligans responsible for her fate or those circumstances which provide them a chance to pillage and maltreat her? No it is the whole system which is responsible for this humiliation. Truly speaking, it is the greedy nature of a man which dishonored the daughter of Eve. 

There are so many other wounded and humiliated daughters of Eve who remained silent after being disgraced in order to save the dignity and social image but no one heard their painful voice. No one came to deplore what they face. This is certain that whenever such condemnable incidents happen large crowds depict their anger and protest against the whole system. Their protests and genuine anger is the outcome of these odium incidents. Everyone tag their protest as a genuine anger whether he is a law maker, judicial, executive or a common sincere man. Every prudent person makes his protest a right but there exists a class which keeps him tightly chained.

Hundreds of people in Delhi and its vicinity angrily protested against this heinous crime but dealt with force and brutality. One fails to understand that if it is every ones right to protest against any inequality and any scandalous incident then why law does not permit them to do so. Every leader condemned this incident on one hand but on the other gave nod to the law enforcing agencies in order to combat them with force and brutality. There is no problem for the law to do its job but certain elements are there which use law in their favour. It is not clear that what their motto behind this is. They neither remain silent nor allow law to get practiced in real manner. They scupper the legal processes and roll back the judicial order. When such sod minded characters live in the system where in human incidents happen they pluck the flowers of dirty game. Their job remains confined to grab the power alone. Whatever the people face they enjoy immunity and position along with the wealth.

All human beings have equal rights; they whenever and wherever face any atrocity should be provided with justice and equality. But it is very much unfortunate, when a human being is dealt with force and brutality on one place and another is met with softness. Higher ups call them equal but when it comes the turn of dealing with law there evolve a disparity. On one side India calls Kashmir as its integral part but on the other side gave immunity to its forces, which remained busy in human rights violations in the unfortunate land known as Kashmir. Like the recent case of Delhi gang rape many Kashmiri women were also gang raped by the men in uniform. Despite many cases which remained unheard but many were registered by the police and if local police registered any case against uniformed men then due to certain appalling conditions those cases were buried. Kashmir’s history will neither forget the gang rape of innocent women by the men in uniform in Kanan Posh Pora nor will bear to overlook the alleged gang rape followed by the cold blooded murder of Neelofar and Asiya of Shopian district. All the women of Kanan posh pora including Neelofar and Asiya have same rights like the girl of Delhi. One (delhi girl) being honored and others (Kashmir) being devalued and dishonored. In both the cases the inhuman activity and shameful act must condemned and protested but in Delhi protests in which a police man gets killed, protesters are being dealt with soft hand but in Kashmir people with the same sentiments when protest are dealt with force and were showered with bullets. Protest is the right of every human being because it is a sort of a message which seeks justice and a way of social mobility. Delivering justice is too far in Kashmir but keeping and maintaining silence under the nose of law is the job of legal and enforcing agencies. It is very inopportune when Kashmiris see one ruler and one system but having a dual mode when it comes the turn of Kashmir. In Kashmir People strongly protested when their sisters got raped, they demanded only for the punishment for the guilty but their voices were shut. In Delhi for the same crime protesters got the support of all elite people and high rank officials (V.K Sing) but remained silent when Kashmir was boiling. Was not there honor getting lost in Kashmir, was not there the case of humanity, was not there law working and was not there protest a right? Justice derailed by the drivers of law and other legal agencies in Kashmir. Two daughters got humiliated on two distinct places but one remained forgotten and other became a pin-up for justice. Who divided the two aspects of a same tragedy and who delivered justice in one case and injustice in another? Honour needs to be honoured and any atrocity should be bestowed with justice. Humiliation in any form and committed by any one should be dealt with force irrespective of region, caste and creed. When such improvements will take place then Adam and Eve will remain in peace otherwise they will cry and wail.



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