The pain of losing power

You tend to accuse your rival of the same thing which you had done when you were in power

There is an angry spot that glows on the brow of our former chief minister. And not without reason. Speaking on the motion on governor’s address in the legislative assembly, Omar Abdullah was furious against the crass opportunism and double standard of the PDP while aligning with BJP. He showed the Papa-daughter party the mirror to judge its u-turn on what it said and promised during elections. In a chronological order Omar presented the election speeches of the party where the two asked the people of Kashmir ‘boycott’ with the BJP for its avowedly communal and anti-Kashmiri people agenda. He asked, and rightly so, what has changed in the three months that made Mufti sahib hug Modi thrice. ‘ Is it that BJP and RSS have become less communal?’, he wanted to know. Then without waiting for the answer he took to himself to show their communal fangs and said ‘ Should we forget 2002, Babri masjid demolition, ghar wapsi and Swamy Subramanyam’s statement that masjids are just buildings which can be demolished.’( GK: March 20,2015). 

There is absolutely nothing conflicting in his assertions. What he said is hundred percent correct. Again he is right in drawling the conclusion from the Agenda of Alliance that Mufti ‘entered into a compromise for power and not for the people of the state.’ 

The anti-BJP sentiment Mufti-duo chaperoned during polls and the assurances committed in this regard, all however were mercilessly culled for sake of power. The same BJP and the RSS they caressed to remain ‘ stable’ in power against which they sought vote to halt their marauding advance. The AoA reeks of political hypocrisy and doublespeak. It is just one of such accords in a slew of betrayals executed for perpetuation of power, where people are rated no more than dishonorable graves. Mufti did nothing new. He, in fact, inherited the legacy of playing chameleon from succeeding generations of towering Sheikh Abdullah who first crafted the art to its grinding impact. It has become a common strategy of pro-Indian political class in Kashmir to speak awam in elections and Durbar after the vote count. 

Omar at least should have not forgotten the bitter one, that the grounds at which he started hurling stones at Mufti and PDP were exactly the same others can throw boulders at him and his NC. In back-stabbing people of Kashmir the complicity of this young scion of the Abdullah dynasty and his family were not by any means lesser. What he is saying about the BJP and its ideological mentor fits at them whole truth. Any leader of the BJP, Vajpayee included, is first and foremost an RSS pracharack, every follicle of whom exudes in Goal walker’s pernicious anti-Muslim ideology. Omar, who now acts as scare-crow to guard his people against the communalist party felt no qualms in sitting comfortably in its lap. For the sole reason of getting a ministerial berth in the BJP-led NDA government. With two-third majority in its kitty there was no need for the NC to be part of the party it now censures.

Even when entire world condemned and protested at the mass killing of Muslims, Omar sahib remained glued with the power. His father shamelessly was mute in denouncing the ethnic cleansing. And then the reproachful behavior Farooq Abdullah displayed when the same BJP threw the autonomy resolution into dust bin. There was not a feeble protest. The arrogance of the BJP not even to read the resolution passed by two-third majority in the assembly was a rude insult on the functioning of the ‘democratic government’ and a contempt against and veto on the ‘people’s mandate’. Still Farooq and his son preferred not to resign. Abdullah dynasty has a history of back-tracking on its commitments and sleeping over its conscience. Secularists to communalists it keeps its pheromones secreting for. How can they lecture others on morality. Omar was the first who scurried to Delhi to canoodle BJP for the alliance. 

Weaving an aura of grandeur on his bearing, Omar said in the assembly, ‘the biggest question is maintaining credibility. We tell people to repose faith in us and we will resolve their issues’. But as and when people reposed their faith on their ‘elected representatives’ nothing but deceit they were left to harvest. Will your lordship just look in hind sight what happened to your election manifesto. How you beseechingly asked people to forgive for earlier blunders (read betrayals) and give one more chance.

AFSPA, release of political prisoners, Truth and Reconciliation commission, power projects, transparency, accountability, to cite a few, on all you failed to deliver. Instead , as now the revelations of a retired SSP have come to the fore, Omar showed little respect for the sanctity of life. After labelling them as drug addicts, stone pelters and criminals, 120 youth, mostly school-going students, had to lose their lives at the alter of his arrogance. He squeezed political space for the political rivals. Even he banned Friday prayers for political leaders. ‘Revolving -door-detention’ started in his regime to keep ‘out of circulation’ people he disliked. On administrative units he capitulated to coalition partner Congress. And never forget his acquiescence to the then Home Minister of India, Shanday in the manner Afzal Guru was hanged. Club it with the role NC and PDP played in foiling Engineer Rashid’s clemency resolution on Afzal’s hanging. There is nothing for him to boast. 

He has forfeited his credibility. He must not forget there was little to rejoice when he was in office.