The political saints of Kashmir in the turbulence

Kashmir, the synonym for bloodbath and political treachery has never got the succour and relief from unending trail of unrest and unprecedented violence for over last seven decades now.once a paradise on earth which would attract even the angels and which had been the abode of multiple religions is today a man made hell where death and destructive is pruning the sacred land of Sufi saints and sages.

Kashmir which was once a monarchical state merged in to Indian union in 1947 when the British divided the Indian dominion in to two states of india and Pakistan.where as the odd 500 Indian princely states merged in to Indian union,the fate of kashmir is dangling down the fate of time between two hostile countries of india and Pakistan whose price is being paid by the people of kashmir day in & day out by their blood.

Though kashmir occupies a special status in Indian union with a separate constitution and law but this status has consumed thousands of lives in the last three decades in which the state leadership allegedly plays the role of collaborator.sheikh Mohd Abdullah who once used to be the messiah of people is today cursed as the biggest traitor of times who sold Kashmir for chair,the legacy which still being continued by the puppet rulers of the state.All the regional parties and even the national ones here are nothing more than puppets who pass their years glued to chairs and passing the same to other elites in row.This political bankruptcy has been the biggest irony of the state and history is witness to the fact that these arm chair leaders have only played with the sentiments of the people and being the facilitators in the mayhem and bloodshed.

All the political parties including NC,PDP,PC,INC and BJP have just rotated the power with in their own circles whose governance parameters doesn’t go beyond the counting scales of death and rapes on comparative basis.The recent deluge of political treachery by the regional parties has only pushed the state in to unending abyss of bloodshed and alienation of the youth of the state.

The unholy alliance (holier for others) between BJP & PDP under a well orchestrated and well knit plan pitched jammu against kashmir to the trust of people in which they succeeded beyond measures only proved to be a disaster for the state.They devoured the cream of power and chewed the nuts of nepotism only to demean and demonise each other after a gap of three years when the BJP are eyeing the national election of 2019.Those who were bosom friends of two decades;(PDP being the team B of BJP created by Atal Bihari Vajpayee government in 1999 after national conference passed the autonomy resolution) overnight became the arch enemies down grading and declaring NC PDP INC as collaborators and seditionists taking commands from Pakistan to destabilise the state and country.The arch enemies of PDP NC INC yet became friends overnight whose dreams were shattered by governor Satya pal Malik by dissolving the state assembly, no matter it is allegedly was done at the behest of central command.

On the other hand Sajad Gani lone once a staunch separatist turned mainstream politician who has oath of allegiance to BJP and calling the PM Modi as his elder brother is a creed of of its own.After four years of alliance with BJP and still being the face of BJP for cheif minister ship has his brother Bilal gani lone declaring to change the name of people’s conference to clear the dust between the path of his brother and of his own.He never even dreamt in four years that both these brothers were shooting from the same gun although one triggered from separatist camp and other from New Delhi.This double edged sword is itself the biggest injury and irony of kashmir.

soon after the dreams of chair vanished in thin air,these political Saints took to a new source and path of state governance mud slinging and character assassination of each other,each counting the life scenes,personal lives,their wealth and attires and even wives and cars in distant sub continents as if that was the last requirement to be employed in a developed state of sky scrapers and industrial boom.This circulation of power facilitated by Delhi from time to time never lets the blood trail to come to an end.these power elites only circulate the chair within themselves at the cost of lives and blood of common people of the state who are befooled and who themselves get inundated in emotional deluge of change and development.

How would a common man of state more particularly the youth of the state find themselves at peace and calm when they are bitten by their own folks.They have been quite successful in creating a divide that separates jammu,kashmir and Ladakh not only geographically but emotionally as well.This pushed and planned division is itself the greatest force and impetus of these political saints of state to squeeze power from the people.

Jammu & Kashmir state is not like another state of India not only in terms of constitutional status but in demographic and geographical scales as well it is encircled by alien powers and umpteen political black sheep are with in the folk itself.if the state has to come out of this mayhem, it needs mature statesman both within and from the centre as well to end this circle of violence.If electing politicians as power brokers is the sole aim of the state, then we have the best of class in our own land who know the art of selling blood and reaping the green grass in a salted sea.

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