The politics of mistrust That is what Kashmir has been witnessing since decades

Farooq Abdullah belongs to the kind of politicking breed who stand for nothing but fall for every thing. While his father split himself as secular in Delhi, nationalist in Jammu and communal in Srinagar (to borrow a phrase from Prem Nath Bazaz, the noted journalist and author of Kashmir)—to bribe the respective constituencies—Abdullah’s surviving duos carried it to its finishing touches in tribute to the deceased man. All records of shame, fraud and treachery make and break at this parlor. While for the overwhelming majority it turns nauseatingly unbearable, the dynasts have tamed their instincts and are adapted to the stench. Though cut off from the roots of regional aspirations, yet they never cease to miss the opportunity of burrowing through the holes of deceptions to seduce people into stupor. Every time they appear in new disguise and Kashmir has to brace for one more act of stabbing. Leaving behind a huge garbage of defiled promises, raped commitments and dishonored sell-outs.

The NC’s coming into being has a sin in its germ plasm. It betrayed its womb called Muslim Conference and soon turned into the surrogate for the Nehruvian intrigues, only to find up its leader pissed as a newt, cursing the day he preferred personal interests to community interests. He confessed he revolted against the collective urges of his people, against his own conscience. ‘Qum mujay khata kar keh sakti hai , lekin gadar naheyn’ ( People can denounce me as a blunderer, but not a traitor), Abdullah wrote to one of his close friend from jail. The rest, as they say, is history. Plebiscite Front—that for 22 years saw hundreds of people sacrificing their life and many more rotten in jails at Abdullah’s call— was degraded as ‘siyasi awaragardi’ (political waywardness). That reveals the scruples of NC leadership in politics and how honest they are to their commitments. Against what he promised through, what is called Indra-Abdullah accord’, nothing, even in tokenism, was done in respect of restoring autonomy to the State of J&K. Abdullah died and his death immortalized his avaricious desires and power-lust squalidity.

Again the surviving dynasts lured people with autonomy slogan when they jumped in election arena—against the collective wishes of the people– in 1996. To give the impression that they are serious towards the poll pledge, they brought a resolution on autonomy restoration in the legislative assembly and passed it with two-third majority, but as the Delhi asked them to choose between power and dismissal, the Farooq Abdullah-led dispensation embraced the former option. Thus from their own hands took to writing obituary on autonomy resolution. Sticking to power revealed the move in assembly was intended more to befool people, less authoritative in sincerity.

On his individual clean slate—yet not tried—Omar begged for a ‘single chance’ to strike the difference. Pick a copy of NC election manifesto, minus absolute freedom from India, you have everything Omar’s NC pledges, to restore your dignity and give you freedom to dissent. Even AFSPA has to vanish within a year or two, Truth and Reconciliation Commission have to set in motion and unnamed graves have to cough out to trace their killers through DNA profiling. What followed we all know. The lethal blinding pellet gun is the gift Omar-led alliance gave to us. In a word, what NC derided and ridiculed PDP-BJP alliance for, Omar conceived of and ruthlessly implemented it in his tenure. Everything he promised, he backtracked from. He improvised in newer tools of repression and treachery.
In light of this context, we will now have a better appreciation of ‘daku remarks’ of the FA. Deriving a sadistic pleasure out from the recent tremors his rival PDP has been jolted with, Farooq Abdullah puffs up in a cavalier mood. Except him and his NC, he thinks all have deceived people. And there are’ dakus’ in other parties . In reference to the foiled attempts of the BJP to make Sajad Lone chief minister through horse trading, Farooq Abdullah said: ‘ They made all attempts in the last five months but failed when the Governor dissolved the assembly. They are daku number 1’. He added that BJP leaders ‘feared losing elections’, so they propped up Sajad.

Daku (bandit) FA applied on those who tried to gain power through ugly machinations. Yes, the act is despicable and worth to be condemned. The fear of losing election, according to FA forced them (BJP) to do this perfidious act. But the buck does not stop here. Was not it the ‘fear of losing elections’ against MUF in 1987, that provoked FA—in full encouragement with Rajiv Gandhi government in Delhi– to rig elections and push youth towards militancy? Out from void has not armed militancy descended. From the daku politics, flourished under NC’s wings, has peace-loving people like Muhammad Yousafs been squeezed to blare into the furious avatar of Salahudin. Can banditry be more savage than this? BJP’s attempt was pre-empted, so no collateral damage was done. But dacoity NC committed resulted in dangerous implications. Perhaps FA believes everything treacherous, malicious and wicked NC did has disappeared from public memory and it retains only what NC tries to feed them with.

Who denies BJP is communal and divisive force that grew up sucking through the udder of RSS. But it didn’t disturb the father-son duo when FA would serenade love songs at the Parivar’s window and Omer Abdullah was inducted in council of ministry in Delhi during BJP’s rule. Right from the temple bone of paterfamilias of the NC down to the heels of its young scion, it has been loot and rape of trust, a politics of hybrid deception practiced by dynasts and the party they floated. Like a hunter trailing his prey deep into the woods, they have been stalking Kashmiris in the name of plebiscite, Autonomy, 370, ‘Izat-o- abiroo’( honor and dignity) right from the day they changed the Qibla (direction) of the party in 1938. We wont categorize the dakus. It is immaterial for people of Kashmir to choose the lesser one.