The rage in the House What we witnessed in the assembly was plain hooliganism

What people have witnessed on October 9 last week on floor of JK assembly was enough to remind that even if there were over 70 per cent Muslims living in the state, the hangover of Dogra Raj was not yet over. The pre-47 minority arrogance still keeps its strangle-hold. It bullies its ’martial race’ hubris in any way it thinks will deliver awe and shock. In those despotic days ruler and his religion was the state. With the dawn of  “ awami raj” feudal dynastic rule lost its royal grandeur, but not before it succeeded in  carving its strategic political depth in the region of its faith and race. In numbers we may outsmart them, but the power of minority autocracy they retained through default neutralized this political advantage to Kashmiris.

Note the paradox. Other states in India demand more decentralization of powers. They launch mass campaigns against any attempt of fiddling with their cultural and political identity (North East states). They even press for special treatment for the majority community bordering on discrimination. But here  the  reverse is strived for and the results are obvious. Had it been a Hindu-majority state the Dogras of Jammu would have , in Harthic Patel macho, brandished swords to defend  special position of the state which Dogra ruler Hari Singh ensured through enacting state subject status of the native inhabitants.  Pray tell us, why the legal enactment in 1927 that safeguarded property and employment rights of the people of the state, made on demand of the powerful community close to raj, should lose its sanctity now? We know and they know the reason of this change of heart. 

Since they lack number, they have dug in the plots to deny Kashmiris the empowerment they otherwise are entitled to through democratic mandate. Helping rather encouraging Delhi  rob the state of its autonomy- of course with the help of power hungry Kashmiri politicians who always acted more as stooges than real representative of their people- and then swelling their ’56 inch’ chest to overawe and bully Kashmiris, are the rage alternative devices they resorted to bring equalizer to the loss of Dogra supremacy. Attack on Engineer Rashid has to be understood from this perspective. The murderous attack did not only serve a sadistic pleasure to them, they aimed to deliver a strong harsh message: the state might have lost the Hindu personality but the decedents of the Raj are committed to flaunt the Raj arrogance on their sleeves. They are aware of the larger arc of influence and power they are frolicking in.  More ba pai-e- marda-e- hamsaya( strength of their neighbor), less on its own.

The attack on Er Rashid  was  an attack on the entire people of his constituency he represents. In fact if we keep in mind the reason he was abused, kicked, punched for and dragged on the floor-in a Dadri style mob lynching of Akhlak Ahmad- by the BJP ‘law makers’, the attack was on entire Muslim community. The opposition leader and former CM Omar Abdullah, who witnessed the brutal attack, said ‘the killer instinct was beaming from the eyes’ of attackers. ‘ Had our members not stood up to rescue him, they would have killed him’.

If Independent MLA ate beef and invited some others to relish the dish with him what wrong he committed? When in assembly hostel alcohol can be served, which is Haram (prohibited) in Islam and no one punches you even if it pollutes the entire environ, why lose humanity core on beef eating. You eat pork, it is your concern, though for me the very mention of pig is nauseating. How can you force food choice and cultural ethics on another community? Supreme Court in the latest ruling has plainly stated the same, ‘ a ban (on choice of food) cannot be forced down somebody’s throat’.

The communalist brigade wanted, besides carrying the Hindutva agenda, to flash their preeminence in the Mufti-led dispensation. They proved it when the law breakers escaped from any legal punishment. Not only this. In an act of solidarity, Mufti  after ‘ condemning’ the  outrageous act joined the veg dinner, along with other PDP ministers, hosted by deputy CM Nirmal Singh.

And don’t forget. Two of the BJP legislators who assaulted Rashid also attended the dinner and exchanged pleasantries with the PDP leadership. Mufti’s seven months in power are enough to suggest he has willingly opted to play second fiddle to the communalist forces who set the agenda. His power lust has disappointed even loyalists of PDP, ask MP Kara. The ‘ Indian by conviction’ is fast hooked to hold chair without power. Every thing other matters little to him.