The talk of amnesty

Any move that brings relief to violence hit Kashmir deserves appreciation.The proposed amnesty to first time stone palters has given PDP leadership something to cheer about. Any move that brings relief to violence hit masses of Kashmir deserves appreciation but unfortunately this move like other confidence building measures too has lost the purpose even before it could take off. Not only that it would create confusion in identifying the first time stone palters but may also create an opportunity for the vested elements within police to exploit the youth and the step is sure to become like a money making machine for this section of the security forces.

It seems that chief minister is unaware of the fact that there are open FIRs pending in almost every incident related to 2016 unrest and even the junior police officers can include people of their choice in these FIR’s for any reason, if they desire so. Besides J&K being a sensitive and violence hit State, unfortunately normal corruption and commercialization of Kashmir dispute has infiltrated to our genes. Like many made their empires on the blood of martyrs and the honour of ill fated Kashmiris by calling and claiming themselves to be the lone warriors of Kashmiris, the black sheep among security forces including J&K Police are no way different. Killing humans for perks, privileges and promotions became central focus of security forces with the complete blessings of state and central governments.

One has a right to differ but the fact is a vested section will not wish to die down the issue even if India agrees to plebiscite and similarly even if every Kashmiri promises to be loyal to Indian state, the Black sheep within the system especially among security agencies will continue to haunt them as they want things to remain the same as they are. Any way the government should have withdrawn all FIRs against the youth and others, so as to avoid confusion and send a strong message to masses that state means business. It is a million dollar question that who will identify the first time stone palters for various reasons including the fact that there is a huge number of people who have become victim of circumstances and have been booked without really being involved in any stone pelting in the past. In-fact government can move a step further by shifting all detainees lodged in various jails outside state and lodge them in their respective districts as prescribed by the law. If government can’t release them the least what they deserve is to shift them to their native places. The incidents of attacks on Kashmiris inside Tihar Jail has given state government a strong opportunity to get these ill fated prisoners back to valley. Half hearted steps will yield nothing and may even prove counterproductive.

It is high time for the chief minister to lead from the front and take certain bold measures but not the cosmetic ones. Opposition parties in the mainstream camp should keep their personal and party agendas aside over this issue at least, as all of them know how ruthlessly New Delhi has been using and throwing them into a dustbin with a million ton led. Joint resistance leadership has also to understand the bitter reality that without a direct or indirect sincere support of mainstream parties they can never move even an inch except issuing statements and condemnations. If we fail yet again to make our voice heard at least in a section of Indian state humiliation and nothing else has to be our destiny as God helps only those who help themselves. Those praising Mehboba Mufti within her party should stop misleading her and must find some other logical way to remain in her good books. Same introspection is needed in states another large mainstream party, National Conference, the party cadres must ask party leadership and understand that Farooq Abdullah has to be serious and sincere at least to his own claims. Masses of every political thought have seen worst and every leader of any school of thought have to find a common ground over various issues to co-operate even with his worst opponents, as masses have sacrifices and done everything but leadership of all thoughts has miserably failed so for.