They bulldoze, we offer to bulldoze

Be it killing of militants, or political misadventures, New Delhi seems to have decided to bulldoze the self respect of Kashmiris. The circumstances have forced even Sajad Lone to take Governor head on. Whatsoever the truth, it is obvious that Governor has kept the so called mainstream parties on their toes and has publicaly crossed his domain by saying Muftis, Sheikhs and Huriyat cannot resolve Kashmir issue. He is hitting everyone hard irrespective of the fact whether he has any moral or constitutional authority to say so. By taking the route of state administrative council he is undoing everything that may give even a rarest notion of J&K enjoying some special status. From creating JK Bank controversy to roll backing so called Roshni Act he has shown courage to do things what his masters seem to have deputed him for.

It has happened first time that an IAS officer has been appointed as managing director of highly technical and professional Jammu & Kashmir Projects Construction Corporation replacing Chief Engineer. Governor may use any justifications to all what he is doing but the million dollar question is that who is allowing New Delhi to bulldoze the state institutions. Not only Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti but people like Sajad Lone have been constantly speaking against violence and claiming that stone pelting, picking up guns, election boycott and Hartal politics will fetch nothing. They may be logical while passing such sermons in their cozy rooms but one has a right to ask these Mir Jaffars that what is the solution and the alternative. If these wrestlers of mainstream politics don’t even know how to protect interests of state within Indian constitution on their own tariff, how could they preach masses and the youth. By becoming New Delhi’s stooges they have not only facilitated New Delhi in fulfilling the vicious goal but have also pushed the state especially youth to the wall.

The politics of appeasement and betrayal may fetch power to few dynasties but the ultimate loser will be the people of J&K. Kashmiris should not blame New Delhi despite the fact that it is New Delhi which is murdering the fundamental rights of Kashmiris as Kashmiris have offered themselves to be bulldozed and humiliated. PDP first justified its alliance with BJP claiming that It will persuade Narindra Modi to resolve Kashmir dispute but ended up with its own burial and is still trying to be a martyr by talking about issues now not in its competence. May one ask Mehbooba Mufti how would it help going to people’s court in achieving the objective of grand alliance if NC and PDP fight elections separately. Had they formed the government they could have to some extent defended Article 35-A in the supreme Court but by just creating a false feeler about grand alliance and then welcoming Governor’s decision to dissolve the assembly both the parties have left Article 35-A at the mercy of Governor and his masters, thus stabbing Kashmiris from the front. While New Delhi and security agencies are counting Kashmiris they kill everyday in the name of militants, unfortunately three idiots are counting seats they are going to win and become the Cheap Minister of this ill fated state.

New Delhi has put Kashmiris on total defensive and everyone is losing relevance fast. In fact the idea of mainstream is facing ever serious credibility crises than before. With every passing day Kashmir is becoming like a battle zone between New Delhi and Islamabad and one may like it or not the fact is that while Pakistan is controlling hearts of common masses, New Delhi is controlling the minds of few to maintain status-quo. One should not expect much after a new government assumes office in coming months as the mainstream parties will be getting ample excuses to fabricate the reasons of their negative performance 2019 onwards. Whosoever comes in power in 2019 will make again the lack of majority as a prime argument to hide his shameless surrenders before New Delhi; thus passing the blame on the masses rather than doing some self introspection. Each day matters for Kashmiris, who rather than thinking on possible remedies are unfortunately engaged in labelling each other as traitors and agents, thus making a laughing stock of themselves and getting things more easier for those who are keen to snatch their dreams.