This is unacceptable

CM’s helplessness and his government’s condemnation of its own conduct
Omar Abdullah and the coalition government headed by him only betray worst kind of hypocrisy when instead of acting in a determined way to deal with the situation caused by the unprovoked action of the Border Security Force and the state police and administration in resorting to unprovoked firing killing four youth and injuring several others in Gool area Friday last they not only resort to all kinds of excesses, placing curbs on the movements of the people, firing upon the protestors but also come out with a statement condemning “excessive use of force”. It is a clear case of self-condemnation. This also explains the impotency of the Omar-led coalition in putting an end to such atrocities on the people by the security forces and the state police and bringing those guilty to book. The first reaction of the chief minister to the Gool carnage was that such killing of people is “unacceptable” thus betraying his government’s helplessness in preventing such incidents. It is the state government which is supposed to be running the affairs of the state and is responsible for the safety and welfare of its citizens. Maintaining law and order in different parts of the state is the responsibility of the State government and the central forces like the BSF deployed to assist the state administration in this task have to function under the overall command of the State government. As the chief minister, who also happens to be the home minister of the state, it is Omar Abdullah who is accountable to the people for his failure to protect the lives and honour of the people of the State. 

Even on official admission Gool and adjoining areas have been free from militancy for the past several years. The State has a very large police force which has been expanding year after year and was deployed in this area in big strength. Then what was the Border Security Force, whose job is to protect the borders as the second line of defence, doing in this area? Then this force too was supposed to function under the overall direction and control of the State administration. In case of Gool carnage the state police, according to eye witness accounts, was equally responsible for the gory incident. Instead of ordering a thorough probe into the incident followed by stern action against the culprits, the State government simply shifts the Deputy Commissioner, impliedly admitting the failure of the district administration in dealing with the situation.

The chief minister is simply trying to pass the buck and shift responsibility for the maintenance of law and order and in protecting the life, honour and freedom of the hapless people of the State. Whether on the question of human rights abuses or that of the lifting of the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act Omar Abdullah finds himself quite helpless. This despite the fact that he happens to be the head of the Unified Command entrusted with the anti-insurgency operations.

The manner in which the State government deals with the situation caused by such “unacceptable” incidents of unprovoked firing and killings, betrays both its incompetence and lack of concern for the sufferings of the people. Instead of ordering transparent probe into such grave human rights abuses and punishing those found guilty the state administration invariably punishes the people at large by curbing their movements, imposing declared and undeclared curfew, arresting political leaders and resorting to other such excesses. This is precisely what is being done in the Valley and several parts of Jammu for the last four days.